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Women's Riding Boots

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Ladies' horse riding boots are either jackboots or jodhpur boots. Choosing boots for horse riding, both men's and ladies', you should keep in mind these should be full shoes, not sneakers or chucks.

How to choose horse riding shoes?

While choosing horse riding shoes you should pay attention to the material of which they are made. They can be made of genuine leather, e.g. SERGIO GRASSO jackboots, or of synthetic one, e.g. JODHPUR BASIC. Riding boots should be properly profiled, preferably on hard sole, as such a shoe will give you a stable position in the stirrups. Choosing higher jackboots, it is important that they are not too high.

Jackboots or jodhpur?

Whether you choose high jackboots or short jodhpur boots is only up to your preferences. Jackboots are very easy to put on and take off. Both have many advantages. The very basic task of riding boots is protecting the rider's calves and proper adjustment of the leg to the horse. Both the leather and synthetic materials are of the highest qualities. Air circulation, precise seams or gluing, and properly profiled antibacterial insoles ought to provide the rider with comfort and pleasure of horse riding.