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How to deal with flies?

Published: 2017-07-04 11:27:23 Categories: Guides Rss feed , Health Rss feed

Winter has gone by. You can hide your warm padded jackets along with the hats and scarves deep in the closet and take out your caps, hoodies and enjoy the sun and warmth with your horse that finally can go out on the pasture and graze on the green grass all day long (or as long as you allow him to do so). Unfortunately, flies and other flying insects will come along the warm days and they will spoil your horse's (and yours too) life. Flies usually sit on the horses where they will be "safe" because your horse will have it difficult to get rid of them. Such places are for example eyes, ears, nostrils and abdomen. How to protect your friend against those unpleasantness? Preferably the most healthy and comfortable for the horse would be for you to stand next to him all the time and shoo the flies away. But who can afford this? Nobody! So...

How to deal with flies on a pasture?

First of all - in warm, or even hot, summer season let the horses out early in the morning or late in the evening, when the temperature is significantly lower. Second of all - put a light anti-fly rug, preferably a mesh one, on the horse and if you don't want your horse to have his eyes covered, at least put a fly hat on him, so his ears are protected - it is always one place less for the fly and one stress less for the horse.

How to get rid of flies in the stable?

You cannot keep your horse in a rug and mask in the stable. Here it's better to use insects repellants. We recommend ABSORBINE ULTRA SHIELD, which is very efficient and you won't need to use it every day. You just have to remember to spray the ceiling and walls in a place that is not accessible to the horse and to do so when the horse is out of the stable. Another great method against flies and other stable insects are anti-insects lamps. You can leave them on for the night, because their light is dim and won't disturb your horses. BUSSE offers a nice model of such lamp.


1. Absorbine Ultra Shield; 2. Gadfly trap Fly-Stop; 3. Garlic Powder

Other methods helpful in fighting flies.

While fighting with flies, hygiene is crucial. Namely - cleaning the feces on a pasture, lying fresh litter in the stable each day. Bathing and cleaning your horse after each training, as the horse's sweat is as alluring for the flies as butter cookies for us.

You can also give garlic to your horse for some time, as it discourages the flies both from sitting on your horse and spending time in the stable. However, you need to be careful with garlic, because giving it to your horse for too long might have negative effects on his health.

Another method is using sprays for horse's bodies made of mixture of water and vinegar. Such mixture should be used after each bath and before going out on the paddock.

As you can see, there are several methods of dealing with flies. How do you keep insects away from your horses?

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