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Pavo Pavo



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    Ingredients: timothy, lucerne (alfalfa), citrus pulp, calcium carbonate, sodium chloride, minerals

    Feeding advice

    • Horse (600 kg): 100 g per day

    • Pony (300 kg): 50 g per day

    Guaranteed analysis

    Energy (EWpa) 0,54 Units/kg
    Energy (DE)7,8 MJ/kg
    Energy (ME)6,5 MJ/kg
    Dig. crude protein6,5 %
    Crude protein9,4 %
    Crude fat 2,7 %
    Crude fibre28,4 %
    Crude ash16,4 %
    Sugar 4,5 %
    Starch0,2 %
    Lysine3,31 g
    Methionine1,37 g

    Minerals and trace elements (per kg)

    Copper 800 mg
    Zinc 2.500 mg
    Manganese 3.750 mg
    Selenium10 mg
    Iodine30 mg
    Calcium 1,44 %
    Phosphorus 0,26 %
    Sodium 1,55 %
    Potassium 2,13 %
    Magnesium 0,12 %

    Vitamin levels (per kg)

    Vitamin A 25.000 IE
    Vitamin D335.000 IE
    Vitamin E 6.000 mg
    Vitamin B1 400 mg
    Vitamin B2 400 mg
    Vitamin B6250 mg
    Vitamin B12 3.500 µg
    Vitamin C5.000 mg
    Pantothenic acid 400 mg
    Choline876 mg
    Folin 225 mg
    Nicotinamide1.050 mg
    Niacin1.050 mg
    D-Biotin20.000 mcg

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