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Riding helmet - Equishop equestrian store

Horse riding is a wonderful and rewarding sport, not only because you get to spend time with a horse, but also because you can achieve your goals and overcome obstacles. Nevertheless, horse riding is a highly dangerous sport, which is why it is crucial to protect the most vulnerable parts of the rider’s body.

A riding helmet is undoubtedly the most fundamental piece of equipment for any rider - not only the advanced one, but also for those new to the discipline. Analysis of injuries are unanimous – head is one of the most prone to injury parts of the rider’s body while falling down. Even the mildest head injury is incredibly dangerous to the rider’s health and life. However, with proper protection you will be able to minimize the risk of skull damage in an extreme situation.

Equestrian helmet - construction and wear

A riding helmet consists of a shell that is made of durable materials such as polycarbonate. The helmet’s shell provides head coverage and features chin straps that you attach to keep the helmet stable on your head. The helmet should also have a ventilation system that would channel the excess of heat to the outside through air outlets, ensuring comfort of the rider.

In order for a riding helmet to fulfill its most important role, namely protecting the rider’s head, it must fit correctly on the head, i.e. it must not be loose or too tight. A riding helmet that does not fit correctly on the head will not perform its function in the event of a fall. Each helmet’s producer has different ways of adjusting the helmet to the rider's head. Samshield helmets are adjustable with interchangeable liners that are made of sponge with a memory-shape property and conform to the rider's head. Uvex equestrian helmets are equipped with a 3D IAS system which allows you to adjust the size to your head with a knob at the back. This way of adjusting the riding helmet is also used by other brands, such as Busse. During your next ride, make sure you are wearing a properly fitted riding helmet.

Horseback riding helmets - features

You can borrow a riding helmet from your riding school, but if you want to continue learning, it's advisable to buy your own, new helmet. The best helmet is one that fits snugly on the rider's head. Additional features, such as a wide brim or design details appeal to the riders when choosing a new helmet.

Professional horseback riding helmets have properties that minimize the effects of falling from a horse. The inner shell of Samshield helmets is made of variable-density polystyrene, which provides better dissipation of the energy produced during impact. The MIPS technology used in Uvex horseback riding helmets offers extra protection by allowing a sliding movement of the helmet's layers to reduce the rotational motion in the event of a fall.

Equestrian helmets - international safety standards

When choosing a new helmet, pay attention to the safety standards it has. Equestrian helmet manufacturers are required to produce helmets that meet at least one of the three international equestrian safety standards: PAS015: 2011, VG1 01.040 2014-12 and ASTM F1163: 2015.