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Pelham - Equestrian store Equishop

Pelham is a type of a bit that works stronger than a regular or a single jointed bit. It works like a lever that influences the occiput. Pelham also has a chain that works on the bottom part of the jaw. This bit should be used by somewhat experienced riders, who have stable contact with the horse. This model might be used with one or two reins, according to the needs. With the use of only one, we recommend using a joint that would join both rings, and then you can attach the rein. While using two reins, the lower one would have a greater impact on the occiput. Two reins are recommended for horses that tend to jolt their head. In our offer, you will find flavored (with apple-flavored synthetic material), rubber (covered with rubber that encourages the horse to chew), and regular single- or double-jointed pelhams.

The equestrian store Equishop offers Pelhams from Busse in sizes 11,5 cm, 12,5 cm, 13,5 cm, 14,5 cm, 15,5 cm, 16,5 cm.