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Riding half chaps

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Half Chaps

The simplest definition of half chaps would be the rider’s protectors.

You put them on in order to protect your calves from chafing that might be caused by the saddle or stirrup leathers. Chaps protect the rider from dirt and the horse’s sweat.

Half chaps reach up to the knee. Usually, they are fastened with a zipper at the back of the leg and strengthened with rubber that makes fastening them easier and causes the chaps to perfectly fit the calves. Half chaps are profiled on the inside so that they fit the rider’s legs anatomically. At the tip, they have a snap, which prevents the zipper from unfastening. On the front, the chaps are specially fitted to be compatible with riding boots. Chaps have elastic inserts that go over the chaps (namely under the heel) in order to prevent the chaps from rolling up while riding. Equestrian chaps can be made of natural leather, synthetic leather, or other synthetic material.

How to properly fit half chaps to the rider’s leg?

  1. Take a tape measure.

  2. Sit on a chair, bend your leg at a 90 degrees angle – your foot should lay flat on the ground and touch it with the whole surface.

  3. Chaps height – measure the leg’s height from the floor to the back of the knee.

  4. Chaps width – measure the calf in the widest point.

Well-fitting horse riding half chaps cannot be too high so that they do not restrict the rider’s movements and cause pain by squeezing while riding. While buying new equestrian chaps, you need to remember that leather wears out with use, which may cause them to shorten up to 2 cm, which is why they also cannot be too short when new.

Tip: While trying out new chaps, you should pay attention so that they are not too high when standing up (if they stick above the knee while looking from a side), or too short (way below the bend at the back of the knee). If you can, try them on while sitting on a chair or in a saddle, bend the knee and take a position that would allow you to check if the chaps are comfortable enough.