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Tall riding boots, riding boots

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Classic riding boots have low heels and high zippered uppers. This is the most popular type of equestrian shoes. They have the characteristic long upper which task is to protect the rider’s legs while riding. The material of which they are made is usually leather, which is why they are durable, damage-resistant, and perfectly fit the rider’s feet. The non-slip sole of the boots prevents them from slipping out of the stirrups, which makes the ride more comfortable and safe. We differentiate riding boots for particular equestrian disciplines, e.g. Petrie riding boots that can be made accordingly to the rider’s particular needs. There are riding boots for the jumping discipline or versatile riding boots, e.g. Animo Zen riding boots or Sergio Grasso Ingress. In order to keep the riding boots in good condition, you need to properly store them, e.g. in dedicated bags so that the shoes do not lose their shape.