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Fly control for horses

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Insect protection and fly control - Equishop Equestrian Store

Insect protection is a recurrent issue each spring and summer. It is best to equip our equestrian tack box with a mesh rug, an insect mask and an insect repellent. The mesh rug is a must-have item in the summer and is perfect for protecting against insect and gnat bites. These rugs are made of polyester of different weaves, fastened with buckles at the chest area and cross straps under the belly. Appropriate fasteners ensure that the blanket does not shift while in use and does not pose a threat to the horse during its stay in the pasture. Anti-insect masks cover the most sensitive parts of the horse's body, such as its eyes and muzzle. Besides masks, you can also get fringes that are just as effective at repelling flies. Insects can transmit various diseases, and during the summer their activity is extremely high. Due to high temperatures, bacteria multiply faster which can lead to health impairment and frequent vet visits.

Insect protection products in Equishop Equestrian Store

For direct application to the horse's skin, we recommend Horse&Fly Spray from Over Horse. It is highly effective in repelling mosquitoes, flies, blackflies, ticks and gadflies. When applied to the horse's coat, the product is effective for up to 5-7 hours. It does not irritate or cause allergies.

Just as good is Absorbine UltraShield, an insect repellent to be applied in the stable. This product is intended for use on surfaces and cannot be used directly on the horse's skin. It is the most popular insect repellent. It contains natural pyrethrin (obtained from chrysanthemum), permethrin and piperonyl butoxide. This repellent works up to 17 days after application. It effectively repels flies, mosquitoes, gadflies and ticks.