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Dressage saddles

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Dressage saddle - design and characteristics

Dressage saddles have special structure designed to support the ride's seat, offer freedom of movement, and ensure close contact between the rider and the horse. They have deeper seats and big knee blocks of various shapes, lengths, and widths. A dressage saddle has to allow the rider for a deep seat in a more static position. The choice of knee blocks and tabs lenght depends on the rider's experience and preferences.

A high-quality saddle is a crucial part of your equestrian tack. Proper saddle fit ensures the well-being of the horse and the comfort of the rider. A dressage saddle is designed in such a way as to free your horse from any movement restrictions. And of course, enable the rider to feel the slightest of movements of the animal.

Dressage saddles in the equestrian store Equishop

In our equestrian store Equishop you will find a vast offer of dressage saddles from Prestige Italia, which allow for close contact with the horse. Their products have exquisite quality and provide maximal comfort both for the rider and the horse. The exceptional combination of the Italian desing and modern technological ideas show in each saddle from the brand. Dressage saddles can be divided into positioning - stabilizing and forcing us to keep the proper position in the saddle; and saddles that give more freedom both in the seat and the knee blocks. For people who need a stabilizing saddle, we recommend Venus D or Helen D saddles; for juniors - Lucky Dressage saddle; and for the youngest ones - Happy Pony VSD saddle. Lately, the most popular and valued dressage saddle is the Prestige Italia X-Optimax K D free and Prestige Italia X-D2 D K free models designed to provide the rider with exceptional freedom of movement and close contact with the animal. These saddles' panels are very wide and the channel is 7cm wide, which translates into a big surface of contact with the horse's back and provides better stabilization on the horse, so the saddles are ideal for dressage riding.

Check out the Dressage saddles category for more info and find the ideal saddle for you and your horse. You can browse and buy dressage, jumping, versatile and other saddles.