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Equestrian wireless communication systems, equiteacher, riding headsets

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Equestrian training intercom - Equestrian store Equishop

In our assortment, we have high-quality equestrian and coaching intercoms from WHIS and CeeCoach. An intercom for the rider is a very helpful tool used mostly during training sessions. It allows for easy and effortless communication between the coach and the rider (or a bigger group of riders). While using an equestrian wireless communication system, you do not have to worry that you would not hear your coach. That would allow you to fully focus on the training.

Types of equestrian equestrian wireless systems offered by the equestrian store Equishop

Training intercom WHIS - provides a high-quality connection between the instructor and the rider. It is a wireless coaching system allowing for one-way communication (the so-called coach-rider set). The instructor has a horse riding headset with a microphone, while the rider has a horse riding piece without a mic. Such a solution allows for a very high-quality sound connection with long-range - up to 300 meters. We offer sets for one, two, even three riders.

Equestrian intercom CeeCoach - equestrian two-way radios, to put it simply. Both the instructor and the rider may use the included headsets. The equiteacher is characterized by how simple it is to use (it has only 3 buttons). What is more, the set may consist of up to 6 devices working at once. It allows for training of a larger group of riders. It is worth mentioning that CeeCoach provides high-quality sound transferred via Bluetooth technology, which minimizes potential disruptions and allows for long-range communication between particular equestrian intercoms without losing the connection.