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Bitless bridles

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Bitless bridles for horses - Equestrian store Equishop

Bitless bridles for horses has become popular again, as many riders have noticed how their horses react to bits and if they need it for riding. While reaching back to the very beginnings of horse back riding, you can see that bridle was first, the bit came later as the discipline progressed. If you can compare or most preferably test both types of bridles, do it. This little exam will show you in which bridle your horse is easier to lead. Bitless bridles are recommended for sensitive horses, who are unwilling to take bits and young horses that are just starting to work. While using this type of bridle, it is noticeable that horses are less aggressive, feel less pain, fear, show less obstruction while having the bridle put on, there was no head shaking and perking. This model allows to restrict the horse's discomfort, reluctance, and definitely improves the cooperation between the rider and the horse. You can effortlessly steer the horse while riding.

There are various types of bridles: rope, sidepull, scrawbring, bosal, and hackamore. The most popular of these is hackamore. This model has a leather strap that goes over the nose bone and is trimmed with shanks. You can buy hackamore with shanks of various lengths. The longer the shanks, the greater the pressure on the horse's nose. While using this type of bridle, you should remember about the pressure it puts on the nose, which is why it is recommended for experienced riders.

This model is often used in rides as the horse can freely drink and eat in it.