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Veredus horse boots

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Veredus horse boots - Equestrian store Equishop

Italian brand Veredus specializes in the production of Veredus horse boots. Through the years, Veredus has become one of the most recognizable brands in the world. Italian design and application of the latest technologies make their boots reliable. Tests of their products were run by the best competitors, such as Marcus Ehning and Scott Brash. They provide efficiency, excellent quality of the product, and perfect protection of the horse's legs. The basic boots from Veredus are Olympus boots made of durable polyurethane, lined with EVA foam covered with lycra. Due to their anatomical shape, they perfectly fit the horse's legs. For easier putting on, they are fastened with pegs. They have a Ricotest certificate. The boots are available in basic colors - black and brown; in sizes S, M, and L.  Veredus also launched the lined Colored, which is characterized by colorful trimmings by the boots, saddlecloths, and fly hats. Veredus Carbon Gel and Carbon Gel Vento boots were specially reinforced with carbon inserts, which distribute the impacts on the whole boot. The Vento models have double ventilation, due to which the horse's legs will not overheat, sweat, or chafe. Veredus Carbon Gel Vento boots also come in the Colored version, namely with colorful trimming or fur. The limited edition of Carbon Gel Grand Slam boots is characterized by unique design and durability. They were made especially for Scott Brush after he won the Rolex Cup. A very good solution would be Kevlar Gel Vento boots - Veredus' latest project. Carbon inserts were replaced with Kevlar, which is even more resistant to impacts. A combination of carbon fibers, Nitrex gel, and special 3D mesh provide the highest protection for the horse's tendons. For sensitive horses or horses after injuries, we offer boots lined with fur. The Save The Sheep line of boots was made with the use of synthetic leather and wool exclusively. A thick layer of wool provides excellent protection, stabilization, and comfort for your steed while riding. A good fetlock boot is the Pro Jump model, which is made of polyurethane shell along with a 6 mm layer of neoprene. Their anatomical shape makes the boots perfectly fit the horse's limbs, which causes the horse to better engage his croup. This model comes in two versions, one is fastened with velcro straps, the other with pegs. They are the so-called gripping boots. Young Jump is the only model of boots that meets all LPO norms for young horses. It is accepted for horses taking part in Your Horses Championships.

Such boots should have:

  • Special length (measured from the inside) 16 cm;
  • Width of the fastening at least 5 cm;
  • The inside of the boot should be smooth and even, without any elements that could pressure the tendons;
  • The inside of the boot may be made of doeskin;
  • Proper weight not exceeding 500 grams;
  • Fastened preferably with pegs, not gripping;
  • There can be no attached liners in the boots beside the original one.

Besides the wide range offer of jumping boots, Veredus also offers something for dressage riders. The Piaffe Revo model that is perfect for training sessions. It is made of Aerox material providing excellent ventilation that does not subject the horse's skin to irritation and overheating. What is more, the anatomical shape protects the most delicate parts of the horse's limbs. The boots are available in two colors - black and white - and sizes S, M, and L.

Special Veredus cross boots? The Veredus E-Vento model is perfect, with additional ventilation, made of neoprene and 3D mesh. These materials allow for an excellent fit to the horse's legs. They also absorb shocks and evenly distribute the impacts on the whole surface. They would be perfect for long rides as they are very light and your horse will not really feel their weight.

Does Veredus have any cheaper models that would work just as well during training sessions? Of course, the TR Pro and TRC Vento models are nothing short of perfect. The Tr Pro model would be excellent for training sessions and competitions. It is made of polyflex, namely an elastic material that is lined with neoprene. These boots have velcro straps. The TRC Vento neoprene boots have perforated material that ideally fits the horse's legs. They would be perfect for training and pasture.

Bell boots and protective boots from Veredus for heels. Bell boots come in sizes from S to XL and are black or brown. They are made of synthetic leather and they perfectly stick to the horse's hooves. The lining is trimmed with neoprene. You could also buy bell boots with fur that would additionally protect the coronet. The Carbon Shield or Tekno Shield heel boots would be perfect when your horse exceeds the line of the front legs with his back legs. These models prevent hurting the heels and fetlocks as well as taking the shoes off. The Carbon Shield boots have additional carbon inserts on the heels, which are more durable and absorb the power of the impacts. Tekno Shield also protects the horse's heels but it is made of rubber. Both models are fastened with pegs.

Veredus also created a special lined of magnetic boots called Magnetik. This line offers boots made of Aerox neoprene with 16 to 32 magnets that generate a magnetic field of the power of 2400 Gauss. Magnetic boots can be used after training sessions so that your horse's legs regenerate faster. These models ease the swelling and improve your horse's blood flow, they also minimize his discomfort. It is good to remember to get your horse used to such boots slowly and gradually.