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Horse riding trousers, horse riding pants

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Equestrian breeches and riding pants - equestrian store Equishop

Equestrian breeches are a special type of pants designed for horseback riding. They have no seams on the inner side, fit tightly to the body, and have a grip that improves the rider's adhesion to the saddle and provides a stable seat. The offer of riding breeches is very rich, which should allow every rider to find something for themselves. In the offer of our equestrian store Equishop, you will find classic horseback riding breeches with a full or knee grip (also called a short grip), and a vast variety of equestrian leggings.

Horseback riding pants in equestrian store Equishop

For competitions we recommend choosing equestrian breeches in white or other soft color, made of technical fabrics, which ensure high comfort of use. The choice of the grip type depends on the rider's preferences. If you want maximal adhesion in the saddle, you should pick breeches with a full grip. If you prefer more freedom, you should go for a short leather grip. A perfect type of pants for training sessions would be equestrian leggings, which are both comfortable and versatile.

Women’s and men’s riding breeches – adjusted to the rider

With the growth of the equestrian industry, the range of riding apparel is expanding. Today, it comes as no surprise that when gathering riding clothes, one can choose contoured women's breeches or men's breeches, thus avoiding the inconvenience of riding in universal pants. Moreover, riding pants - for both men and women - also differ from one another. In order to suit different preferences, women's breeches can be high-waisted or with a silicone grip; you will find them in a variety of colors and patterns in stores such as Equishop. After all, riding is supposed to be fun and in this sport the aesthetics is extremely important. There is a reason why breeches for riding competitions (usually classy, white, high-waisted ones) and pants for recreational riding look different.

Flexible and comfortable breeches for children

Each year, more and more young horse enthusiasts join the equestrian world. Because of that, riding pants for children needed to be created - they are characterized by high flexibility and comfort, as the youngest riders grow quickly. In this case there are also gender differences, thus you can order either girl's or boy's breeches for your child. On the other hand, in the adolescence period, breeches for teenagers will come in handy. These include, for example, ladies' breeches for teenage girls by Pikeur in pink, orange, beige and other standard colors. In terms of popularity, Horze breeches are also among the top ones.

Riding breeches for summer and winter - riding pants for every season

In the Equishop equestrian store you will find riding pants adapted to different seasons - from insulated breeches with a full grip suspenders for the freezing winter, to light breeches for the summer, which allow the skin to breathe, and the material wicks sweat away even on the hottest days. Should fashion be of special importance for you, in our store you will also find a classification by collections, e.g. breeches for summer 2022, 2021, 2020 or even 2016. This is a perfect solution for fashion lovers who want to look stylish and wear clothes that follow the equestrian canon of the year.

Breeches with a pocket for your phone, or perhaps jeans?

Make sure you order the kind of horse riding pants that make you feel good in every way. If you wear jeans on a daily basis and you prefer this material or color, choose HKM Summer Denim or USA Jeggins. You can also find denim riding breeches in Animo Neona or Ninfee collections. And if you can't separate youself from your smartphone, or you're going off-road with your favorite horse and want to stay in touch with your loved ones, put on functional breeches with a pocket for your phone.

Take a look at men's and women's breeches at Equishop. Order horse pants for children and teenagers, if it is not you, but your kids who have discovered a new passion. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.