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All purpose saddle pads, versatile saddle cloths

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All-purpose saddle pads - Equestrian store Equishop

All-purpose saddle pads are profiled in such a way that they fit under a certain model of a saddle. These pads also fit under some jumping saddles. We offer a wide range of products to meet your expectations. We have all-purpose cloths made of cotton, softshell, velour, and synthetic fibers. All materials were properly picked so that the horses would not feel any discomfort while riding. The most important aspect of saddle pads is that they properly drain sweat, which prevents chafing and scraping. Some models have a special grip that is located under the saddle's panels and which prevents the pad from shifting while riding. All saddle cloths are perfect for everyday training sessions and competitions. We have special pads lined with fur on the withers to prevent chafing and scraping in that area. We cooperate with the best brands from all over the world, such as Kingsland, Equiline, Animo, Veredus, Eskadron, or Busse to provide you with a rich offer of brands, quiltings, colors, and shapes, so that each of our customers can find the perfect saddle pad for him/her and the horse. While choosing a pad, you can match other accessories to it, such as bandages, fly hat, or a rug, creating a beautiful set for everyday summer or winter training sessions, or competitions. It is important that while buying a saddle cloth, you pay attention to the marking of the products. All companies have different marks for their saddle pads. When it comes to Eskadron, their sizes are very different from other brands. So how to choose the right all-purpose pad?

Sizes of all-purpose saddle cloths

P - is a basic saddle pad for small jumping and versatile saddles, mostly designed for ponies, so it is a tad smaller and fits under saddles in sizes 15" and 16".

VS - is a jumping-versatile profile saddle cloth. Used usually with jumping and all-purpose saddles in sizes 17" and 18".

Saddle cloths from the renowned Italian brand Equiline also differ from one another. Each model has a different mark, so how to choose the perfect one from this popular Italian company?

S - a jumping profiled saddle cloth.

N - a jumping-versatile profiled saddle cloth.

PN - is a jumping-versatile cloth for ponies.

H - a tear-shaped saddle cloth that would perfectly fit under a jumping or all-purpose saddle.

DS - a cut saddle cloth.