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Saddle pads with fur - Equestrian store Equishop

Saddle cloths with fur are to protect the horse's back from chafing and to absorb the excess of sweat during training. We offer you models with fur in almost all colors, with quiltings, and in many sizes from VSS to PD so that everybody could find the perfect one. Pads with fur are exceptionally soft, which is why they would be perfect even for very sensitive horses that are prone to chafing. Some models have a special additional lining on the withers to prevent chafing in this particular place. Fur by the pad is attached with a velcro closure so if needed, you can detach it. The pads we offer are made in such a way that they absorb the excess of sweat and are easy to clean. They provide excellent breathability so that they prevent chafing, scraping, and sweating. While choosing a saddle pad, you can match other accessories to it, such as bandages, fly hat, or rug. The equestrian store Equishop offers you saddle pads with fur made of the highest-quality materials so that they serve you as best as possible while riding. We cooperate with the best companies of saddle cloths that are trusted by riders from all over the world. In our assortment, you will find pads from brands such as Animo, Kingsland, Equiline, Eskadron, Busse, or Veredus.

Choosing a pad with fur

Eskadron has different sizes as all pads have a different intended use.

P - is a basic saddle cloth for small jumping and all-purpose saddles mostly designed for ponies, which makes it a bit smaller and perfect for saddles of sizes 15" and 16".

VS - is a jumping-versatile pad. Usually used with jumping and all-purpose saddles in sizes 17" and 18".

SR - is a type of jumping saddle that is characterized by visibly rounded lines. Perfect for jumping and all-purpose saddles.

Saddle pads from the renowned Italian brand Equiline also differ from one another so to make sure you choose the right one, get familiar with the abbreviations below.

S - a jumping pad.

N - a jumping-versatile pad.

PN - a jumping saddle pad for ponies.

H - a tear-shaped pad that would be perfect for jumping and all-purpose saddle.

DS - a cut pad.