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ANIMO ZEN RIDING BOOTS - 1 in category: Tall riding boots for horse riding
ANIMO ZEN RIDING BOOTS - 1 in category: Tall riding boots for horse riding ANIMO ZEN RIDING BOOTS - 2 in category: Tall riding boots for horse riding ANIMO ZEN RIDING BOOTS - 3 in category: Tall riding boots for horse riding ANIMO ZEN RIDING BOOTS - 4 in category: Tall riding boots for horse riding


  • Sex - Unisex
  • Promo - Animo Zen boots
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Animo Zen leather riding boots

will meet every rider's expectations. They are characterized by maximal comfort of riding, high quality, durability, and how simple it is to keep them clean. All details have been hand-made. This model is the epitome of character and diligence of the Italian producer.

Skóra w oficerkach Animo Zen


of which the boots are made is calfskin. It is soft and elastic, at the same time being very durable. Due to the application of the proper leather type, the ZEN model perfectly fits the rider's legs. When it is warm (warmth produced while horse riding), the boots' leather harmonizes with the rider.


in this model was made of a material called Vibram. This material is based on gum and is adhesive. It improves the proper and stable position of the legs in the stirrups.

The Vibram sole sets the bar for the market's standards. It is effective when it comes to abrasability, it is also waterproof and non-slip, which improved safetiness and feet protection.

Podeszwa w oficerkach Animo Zen


  • hand-made;
  • double leather;
  • properly secured zipper;
  • spur holder;
  • zipper blockade;
  • available in sizes 35 - 45;
  • available in colors black, brown, maroon, gray, blue.


of the riding boots is crucial for the rider's comfort. How to measure your foot (and leg) to find the right size? We invite you to get familiar with the guide below that explains in detail how to find your perfect size.


Step 1. First, we recommend putting on a pair of riding breeches and socks. This will allow you to precisely measure your calf height and circumference. Then, take the measurements at either of the two correct positions - sit down and put your leg at a 90 degree angle or stand with your leg slightly bent (see the photo) and have another person measure the height from the floor to the bend of your knee. Keep in mind that the boots must fully protect your leg. The height of the boot is extremely important!

Step 2. In the same position, collect the measurement from the calf. Sitting down or bending your leg in the knee, measure the calf circumference at its widest point. Ideally, take the measurements over 2-3 days, as the circumference may change as a result of prolonged exercise. The most accurate measurements are those taken in the evening, after a day of walking. Keep in mind that the riding boots must fully protect your leg. The width of the boot is crucial!


Step 3. Once you have all the necessary information: your foot size, leg height, and calf circumference, you're ready to place an order for your new pair of riding boots. Take a look at the SIZE CHART, find your foot size, then locate the boot height (A-A) and the calf circumference (Po). Select the sizes and add the item to your shopping cart. Congratulations! You will soon be the owner of brand new riding boots!

If you still find yourself in doubt - don't be ashamed to ask a professional for advice! Both in our on-line store and in our physical store, Equishop's employees will answer your questions and help you find the proper size.


ZEN riding boots...

Technology and comfort for every rider!

More details

Show size chart

How to choose the right size of Animo boots?

All sizes are give in centimeters

3535 S35 SM35 SL35 N35 NM35 NL35 L35 LM35 LL35 XL35 XM35 XLL
A-A (boot height)414344,5414344,5414344,5414344,5
Po (calf circumference)29,529,529,531,531,531,533,533,533,535,535,535,5
3636 S36 SM36 SL36 N36 NM36 NL36 L36 LM36 LL36 XL36 XM36 XLL
A-A (boot height)424445,5424445,5424445,5424445,5
Po (calf circumference)303030323232343434363636
3737 S37 SM37 SL37 N37 NM37 NL37 L37 LM37 LL37 XL37 XM37 XLL
A-A (boot height)434546,5434546,5434546,5434546,5
Po (calf circumference)30,530,530,532,532,532,534,534,534,536,536,536,5
3838 S38 SM38 SL38 N38 NM38 NL38 L38 LM38 LL38 XL38 XM38 XLL
A-A (boot height)444647,5444647,5444647,5444647,5
Po (calf circumference)313131333333353535373737
3939 S39 SM39 SL39 N39 NM39 NL39 L39 LM39 LL39 XL39 XM39 XLL
A-A (boot height)454748,5454748,5454748,5454748,5
Po (calf circumference)313131333333353535373737
4040 S40 SM40 SL40 N40 NM40 NL40 L40 LM40 LL40 XL40 XM40 XLL
A-A (boot height)464849,5464849,5464849,5464849,5
Po (calf circumference)323232343434363636383838
4141 S41 SM41 SL41 N41 NM41 NL41 L41 LM41 LL41 XL41 XM41 XLL
A-A (boot height)474950,5474950,5474950,5474950,5
Po (calf circumference)333333353535373737393939
4242 S42 SM42 SL42 N42 NM42 NL42 L42 LM42 LL42 XL42 XM42 XLL
A-A (boot height)474950,5474950,5474950,5474950,5
Po (calf circumference)343434363636383838404040
4343 S43 SM43 SL43 N43 NM43 NL43 L43 LM43 LL43 XL43 XM43 XLL
A-A (boot height)485041,5485041,5485041,5485041,5
Po (calf circumference)34,534,534,536,536,536,538,538,538,540,540,540,5
4444 S44 SM44 SL44 N44 NM44 NL44 L44 LM44 LL44 XL44 XM44 XLL
A-A (boot height)485041,5485041,5485041,5485041,5
Po (calf circumference)353535373737393939414141
4545 S45 SM45 SL45 N45 NM45 NL45 L45 LM45 LL45 XL45 XM45 XLL
A-A (boot height)495152,5495152,5495152,5495152,5
Po (calf circumference)363636383838404040424242


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