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Equestrian store Equishop

Equishop is an equestrian shop that was founded in 1997 and successfully runs to this day. During these 22 years we focused on constant development to fulfill the riders’ needs for the highest quality equestrian equipment. Thus, we established cooperation based on distribution with then rising, and now the most recognizable equestrian clothing and horse riding equipment producers. The greatest producers from the business have trusted us. For years, we have been the only distributor of Samshield, Veredus, Prestige Italia, or Dainese’s equestrian vests in Poland. Equishop was also the forerunner of Kingsland in Poland.

Luxurious store available on-line

Equishop is a horse shop, horse rider shop, and a tack shop all in one. Instead of looking for brick and mortar equestrian shops in London or New York, and going shopping after work, when you are tired and would rather spend that time with your beloved horse, you can choose from the wide range of products offered on-line. Equishop delivers right to your computer or mobile devices, which gives you the comfort of shopping from your own stable. In our stock, you will find anything necessary for horse riding both for the horse and the rider in all particular disciplines such as dressage, show jumping, eventing, combined driving, and races. Our store offers a wide range of the highest quality products with international shipping. Besides clothing and horse equipment, we also offer tack products that come very handy in everyday equestrian life. However, Equishop is not only offering clothes and accessories for the riders and riding equipment for horses, we also offer services, including saddlery and blog with equestrian tips.
Jeźdźcy ujeżdżeniowi Equishop Team