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Bucas is a brand known for its technologically advanced horse blankets, which have gained recognition among horse enthusiasts and professionals in the equestrian world. Bucas blankets stand out not only for their high-quality craftsmanship, but also for innovative solutions that provide comprehensive protection and comfort for horses in various weather conditions.

Key features of Bucas blankets:

  1. Smart materials: Bucas uses advanced materials, such as technical fabrics with waterproof, breathable, and thermal properties, keeping the horse in optimal condition regardless of weather conditions.

  2. Innovative shapes and cuts: Bucas blankets are designed with ergonomic fitting to the horse's body in mind. The use of modern shapes and cuts ensures freedom of movement for the animal, minimizing the risk of chafing and pressure points.

  3. Fastening systems: The brand is renowned for intelligent fastening systems, ensuring ease and safety when using the blankets. The use of sturdy buckles, Velcro, or clasps translates into their durability and effectiveness.

  4. Multifunctionality: Bucas offers blankets tailored to different needs, ranging from lightweight summer blankets to rain protection blankets and thermal winter blankets. This ensures horses are adequately protected throughout the year.

  5. Stay-Dry Technology: Bucas blankets are equipped with Stay-Dry technology, effectively wicking moisture away from the horse's body, keeping it dry even during intense exertion.

  6. Environmental responsibility: Bucas is committed to environmental stewardship through the selection of materials that are nature-friendly and sustainable production practices.