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PAVO SPEEDIBEET BEET PULP FLAKES - 1 in category: Beetroots for horse riding


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    SpeediBeet feed was made of non-molassed beet pulp. SpeediBeet will save you time - the flakes are ready in 10 minutes from adding water, and what is more they contain the least amount of sugar among products available on the market. The technology applied by Pavo company allows to not use molasses as a binding agent for the pulp to form pellets.

    SpeediBeet is characteristic for its high content of fiber, mostly pectins - they are easier to digest for a horse than fibers from other feeds. SpeediBeet pulp slowly release energy to the blood stream. This feed will be suitable for horses who have metabolic issues or for horses with laminitis. An additional advantage of SpeediBeet feed are prebiotic properties of beet fibers that stimulate growth of intestinal bacterial flora.

    Pavo SpeediBeet feed will be perfect for all types of horses. It can be used as a supplement improving shape of underweight horses, elder horses, injured or hyperactive horses.

    Pavo SpeediBeet feed is not enriched with vitamins and minerals, which means it is a base feed, we highly recommend administering mineral and vitamin supplements (e.g. Pavo Vital Complete).
    SpeediBeet feed increases in volume while adding water. Beet pulp has to be wet at least 10 minutes before given to the horse.


    • As a dietary supplement: 25 g / 100kg body weight
    • As a diet part: 30-50 g / 100 kg body weight
    • As a feed substiture (e.g. for seniors): 400 g / 100 kg body weight
    • Dosage should be adjusted to the amount of time spent on a pasture, kind of work and quality of volume feed
    • The given amounts are for dry beet pulp Pavo SpeediBeet, before adding water
    • Pavo SpeediBeet should be mixed with water in 1:3 ratio and given at around 10 minutes to completely soak (until the pulp "swells" and is soft)
    • One Pavo cup contains 0,7 kg of the product

    Contains: Non-mollassed beet pulp flakes

    Guaranteed analysis

    Energy (EWpa)0,83 jedn./kg
    Energy (DE)12,0 MJ/kg
    Energy (ME)9,9 MJ/kg
    Dig. crude protein
    4,2 %
    Crude protein
    10,0 %
    Crude fat
    0,7 %
    Crude minerals
    16,0 %
    Popiół surowy9,0 %
    Sugar5,0 %
    Stratch0,0 %
    Lysine3,2 g
    Methionine1,5 g


    Calcium0,7 %
    Phosphorus0,1 %
    Sodium0,2 %
    Potassium1,1 %
    Magnesium0,3 %

    Feeding advice

    Bodyweight adult horse
    200 kg400 kg600 kg
     kg / daykg / daykg / day
    as healthy addition
    0,1 kg0,2 kg0,3 kg
    horse with a condition residue or dental problems0,8 kg1,6 kg2,4 kg

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