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Equestrian Guinness records

Published: 2015-12-10 00:09:53 Categories: Lifestyle Rss feed

Equestrian Guinness records background source:

We present to you gathered by us the best results written into The Guinness Book of Records that are directly connected to equestrianism. You will find here records from various fields, coming from all over the world. Have fun while reading :)

World's tallest horse

The tallest recorded horse was a gelding of shire race, named Samson. He was born in 1846. In 1850 he was 215 cm and weighted 1524 kg. Currently, the world's tallest horse is Big Jake - of Belgian race, he is 210.19 cm (presented in the video below).


World's smallest horse

The smallest recorded horse in the world was a stallion of falabella race, named Little Pumpkin, born 15.04.1973. He was 35,5 cm and weighted 9 kg in 1975. Currently the record is held by Einstein (on the video below) who weighted only 2,7 kg and was 35,5 cm long when he was born.

world's smallest horse source:

Longest living horse

The longest living horse was Old Billy (1760 - 1822) - reaching 62 years.

The second record-holder in this category is Shayne of Irish Draught race - 51 years. His owners think that he owned his longevity to stress-free life on pastures. 

dailymail-co-uk In the picture: 51-years-old Shayne, source:

Longest horse's tail

The longest horse's tail, having 381 cm belongs to JJS Summer Breeze mare. The record was established on 23 August 2007.

Longest horse's tail World's longest horse's tail, source:

Oldest horse twins

Taff and Griff were announced the oldest twins, they were born in 1982. They spent their 31 years long life together, living in a London zoo.

Oldest horse twins source:

World's fastest horse

Winning Brew became the fastest horse on 14 May 2008 during the Penn National Race Course in USA, setting new record 70.76 km/h.

World's fastest horse source:

Mijaz is the record-holder in Poland (Alhijaz x Mini Perle) - Thoroughbred horse stallion. The world's fastest horse set his record during training (9.03.2015) along with his rider, Karolina Grochowiak Mijaz, he reached the speed of 68,2 km/h. What is interesting, is that the horse's speed test happened twice, two times in a row with a 5 minutes break on a distance of 1000 metres on a meadow under a rider who weighted 65 kilograms, and who is not a jockette. Mijaz was running unshoed, with a regular universal saddle. 

Highest horse's jump

So far, the highest jump is 2,47 m high and it was performed by Alberto Larraguibel Morales on Huaso on 5 February 1949 in Santiago, Chile.

highest jump - Huaso Record-holder on the horse Huaso, source:

An interesting trivia is that the unofficial record was set by Fred Wettach Junior on King's Own horse, on which he jumped over an obstacle of almost 253 cm (8 feet, 3,5 inches). Unfortunately, this result was not credited, because it did not happen during official attempt.

Highest jump of a miniature horse

It is 108 cm high and was performed by a horse named Castrawes Paleface Orion.

Castrawes Paleface Orion Castrawes Paleface Orion miniature horse, source:

Longest horse's jump

The longest jump over a water obstacle was performed by Something under Andre Ferreira in Johannesburg on 25 April 1975. Length of this jump is around 8,25 m (27 feet and 6 inches).

World's most expensive horse

The biggest amount of money paid for a horse is 70 million dollars. The steed named Fusaichi Pegasus was purchased with this sum.

world's most expensive horse source:

For comparison, the most expensive horse sold in Poland is Pepita - Arabian mare, bid for 1,4 million Euros in Janów Podlaski during the "Pride of Poland 2015" auction.

pepita Mare Pepita, source:

Longest distance walked on two legs

geehorse-com5 source:

Doc walking on two hinder legs for 29,09 m was mounted by Gregory Ancelotti from Italy. This record was set during the TV programme entitled "World's Guinness Records" in Milan in 2009.

Oldest racing horse

The oldest racing thoroughbred horse was Tango Duke (1935-78), who died at 42.

Most won races

Most won races source:

Mare Goldsmith Maid (standardbred) holds the record of the biggest number of won races between the years 1864 and 1877. Her result is 350 wins.

Biggest horse parade

11 125 horses and riders took part in the biggest horse parade. It took place in Mongolia on 9 August 2013 and was spread on the area of 4km. The youngest participant was a boy who was 2 years and 8 months old, Uurtsaih Gerelt-Od, and the oldest was a 90-years-old Dashchoimbal Gungaadash.

Biggest horse parade source:

Horse who won most Olympic medals in jumping

Duet - German rider Hans Winkler and mare Halla have 125 won jumping competitions in total on their account, including 3 gold Olympic medals.

Hans Winkler and mare Halla Hans Winkler and mare Halla, source: geehorse

Oldest horse who won a race

The oldest horse who won a race was an 19-years-old Al Jabal - Arabian Horse, winning in Barbury Castle in 2002.

Highest prize for won race

The highest prize for a won race was 2,4 million dollars (2400000$). You can get it by winning the Dubai World Cup.

Dubai World Cup source:

Race with most riders

4 429 riders took part in the race on the distance of 18 km. This event took place in Mongolia on 10 August 2013. The oldest rider was 79, the youngest just 7.

Ride of the biggest number of riders source:

Most saltos on horse's back

James Robinson made 23 saltos on the horse's back in the Spalding and Roger's circus. It happened in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania in 1856.

Biggest pyramid from people on running horse

The biggest pyramid on the back of a moving horse was made by a three circus aritsts from Zapashna Brothers Circus in Russia. They made it on 17 June 2011.

Longest race Man vs Horse Marathon

"Man vs Horse" Marathon happens annually, both runners and riders on the horses' backs take part in it. In 1980 in Wales, the record for the race's distance was set - the participants run 35,4 km (22 miles).

For human - incredible effort, for training horse a distance that is pretty reasonable (horses can run even 160 km in one day).

man vs horse marathon source: