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How to properly fit an equestrian helmet to the head's size?

Published: 2024-06-17 12:09:48 Categories: Guides Rss feed


An equestrian helmet is the basic protection gear for a rider. It is, however, important to remember that full protection is offered only when the helmet is properly fitted. Is that obvious? Probably many of you would be surprised to find out how many people ride with wrongly fitted helmets on their heads. Formerly, when riders were using toques, not many people paid attention to their fit. However, currently, helmet producers such as Samshield offer helmets in many sizes that allow you to perfectly fit a helmet to your head's size as long as you stick to the instructions of how to take measures. So how to properly fit a helmet to the head's size? The equestrian store Equishop rushes to help you! In this article, you will find key advice for fitting a helmet. Ready?


The crucial step is to know your head's girth. It is best to take that measure with a soft measuring tape straight above the eyebrows line. The situation gets complicated with indirect sizes. When you are choosing a regulated helmet, that is not a problem. However, with non-adjustable helmets, you need to remember that indirect sizes need to be round up. Namely - if the measure you take reads 56,6 cm, you should choose a helmet sized 57.

An interesting and very handy solution comes from one of the major helmet producers in the world - Samshield. In this case, you first choose the shell size - S, M, or L. For each of these, you match an interchangeable liner. For an S-sized shell, you can choose from liners sized 52 cm to 56 cm. For the shell of size M, you can choose within the range from 55 cm to 58 cm. And for the biggest size of the sell - L, you can choose liner sized 57 cm to 61 cm. Easy mathematics says that it gives you 14 various possibilities. A vast range, including double variations for some sizes - in smaller or bigger shell, guarantees that you can easily fit the helmet properly.

Samshield helmets size chart

The solution offered by Samshield is also perfect for children who grow very fast. Every parent knows that choosing a helmet that would serve for several years seems impossible. But with this solution, the shell might fit your kid for that long, and you would only have to exchange the liners.

Besides the adjustability, Samshield's offer gives you an exceptional comfort of use. You can detach the liner at any moment and wash it or exchange it for a new one. On this occasion, we have to mention one more thing that would be crucial for everyone with freezing ears during winters. Samshield Winter is a down liner for a helmet that applies the Windstopper® technology with the use of faux fur and is padded with a delicate foam. These properties provide excellent thermal isolation - your head and ears will be protected from the wind, and cold while maintaining optimal breathability.


You should remember that a properly fitted helmet is the very basis of the equipment you need. This element is crucial when it comes to your safety in case of any accident that might happen while horseback riding. You will also spend many long hours wearing a helmet. Thus, if it is well-fitted, doesn't squeeze you, doesn't slip over your eyes, you can comfortably focus on what is really important while riding.

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