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Best gifts for horse and horseback riding lovers

Published: 2022-07-14 09:56:00 Categories: Guides Rss feed

best gift ideas for horse lovers

If among your friends there is a horse riding enthusiast, you have certainly faced or will face the challenge of choosing a gift for some special occasion. Birthdays, name days, children's day or holidays are some of the many times of the year when we treat our loved ones with gifts.

What to do and what equipment and accessories to choose to make sure that a gift for a horse girl or horse boy will be a success?

Here's a hint!

Christmas gift

The perfect gift is one that will make the youngest horse lovers happy, as well as those a bit older. You can go for a personalized gift, but also have a look at our post: TOP 15 Christmas presents for riders.

These suggestions will definitely appeal to horse and horseback riding enthusiasts of any skill level!

A gift for a horse person for any occasion

Horse lovers are very easy to please! All you need is a small, horse-themed gift or an accessory useful in the stable, and any equestrian will be overjoyed.

Check out our list of products we believe will make any rider happy!


  • Horze Young Rider’s Kailani riding socks


  1. Horze Young Rider’s Kailani riding socks

We guarantee that all women will be delighted with these riding socks in a trendy pastel colour. You can safely choose a gift from the Horze assortment. These socks are of excellent quality. Reinforcements on the feet ensure comfort and durability, and contrasting designs add charm to the whole equestrian look!

Riding socks are a very common, interesting and, above all, practical gift.

  • Jewelry with an equestrian theme


  1. Rubin Royal 925 silver equestrian necklace pendant horseshoe

If you know that your gift is for a person who interacts with horses, then a great option would be to choose jewelry with an equestrian theme. This subtle pendant in the shape of a horseshoe will be perfect for any styling as a subtle accessory with an original horse riding motif.

We also offer many other designs of decorative jewelry with a horse motif by Rubin Royal. You will certainly find a perfect gift for your loved ones among them.

  • Horse treats


  1. Horze biscuits for horses banana 1kg

Giving a rider fruit or vegetable treats for horses is certainly a bull's eye decision! Treats are commonly used as a form of positive reinforcement in horse training. In our equestrian store, you will find many types and flavors of horse treats. And certainly, no horse can resist the delicious banana flavor of Horze treats.

  • Riding cap


  1. Verdeus cap

A horse riding cap is an essential part of every rider's styling during the summer season. By choosing it for a gift you put focus on practicality and safety. Head protection during sunny days plays a key role in our health. The Veredus equestrian cap is made of the best quality materials, which provide superior protection and thermal comfort.

Riders often choose this type of cap for trips to the mountains or other summer excursions, as they have a very comfortable fit. During a trip like that, the most important aspect is comfort, however, who could possibly stop us from going on a trail in a cap, which already shows that we are in love with horses?


  • Pikeur women’s riding turtleneck Athleisure


  1. Pikeur women’s riding turtleneck Athleisure

A horse riding turtleneck is a great example of a piece of clothing that will fit perfectly as a part of equestrian styling and when worn outside the stable. Its classic cut makes it a versatile piece of apparel that any woman is sure to appreciate. The Pikeur brand equestrian turtleneck is made of the highest quality materials providing unrivaled comfort and convenience in all circumstances.

  • Horse riding T-shirt


  1. True Rider Air Mesh Cristal women’s equestrian training shirt

A practical training shirt is a must-have for every rider! When choosing riding clothes, you should mainly focus on the quality of the materials. Breathable fabric allows optimal air circulation during training, so the skin can breathe freely. Its elastic properties provide full freedom of movement and thus the highest convenience and comfort.

Every rider appreciates the style and aesthetics of riding clothes. An elegant yet sporty training shirt is an unmistakable way to update our equestrian closet.

  • A saddle pad


  1. Eskadron cotton equestrian saddle pad Platinum

Anyone who has ever given a gift to someone with a passion for horses knows that saddle pads are never a bad idea. Why?You can never have too many saddle pads! A cotton horse saddle pad is an amazing gift option for those who appreciate elegance and functionality. Cotton is great at absorbing moisture, wicking it away, and leaving the horse's back optimally dry!

Saddle pads play a big role in the whole style of a riding pair. Not surprisingly, they are the most common gift for equestrians. A pad in your favourite shade, accompanied by equestrian socks to match the colour, is the best style choice for an equestrian camp or summer retreat!

  • Doctor Horse kit


  1. Doctor Horse products

For all horse lovers, we recommend grooming products from the renowned brand Doctor Horse!

A visit to the stable cannot be successful without the right preparations to take care of our horse, or our riding equipment! Among the products of the Polish manufacturer Doctor Horse, you will find care products for the coat, hooves, mane, and tail, as well as leather accessories. A wide selection of different types of formulae allows us to create a practical grooming kit.

  • Riding gloves


  1. Roeckl Roeck-grip unisex riding gloves

Practical gifts are perceived best and willingly used :)

Riding gloves are a piece of equipment that we can use at any level of skill so that we make sure we don't have a slip-up. They are also an essential part of a rider's outfit protecting hand skin while riding or lunging.

Children and novice riders will certainly enjoy gloves to improve their grip in the saddle, and anyone who has been in the stable longer knows that gloves like to get lost and there are never too many pairs to go by ;)


  • Spooks cotton hoodie


  1. Spooks Eliaa women’s equestrian hoodie

This warm riding hoodie in trendy colours is a total hit this season. The brand Spooks is known and valued for its original designs that are loved by riders all over the world. The riding hoodie is an irreparable piece of clothing that is not only for stable chores and horse riding but also for everyday activities. The combination of warm lining, stretchy as well as breathable fabric, and trendy cut creates a must-have product for every dedicated rider.

  • Half-pad Mattes


  1. Mattes numnah saddle pad

In order for a horse to eagerly cooperate with us during training, it needs properly fitted equipment, i.e. saddle, bridle, bit and boots. To fit the saddle to the mount's back, special saddle pads are used to compensate for the saddle's shortcomings or to fill the free space between the back and the saddle.

Mattes offers many different numnah saddle pads with and without fur. If you know what kind of pad the person you want to gift needs, we are sure that he or she will be thrilled with such a gift!

  • Horze Apex helmet


  1. Horze Apex Crystal Helmet

Safety is the number one concern! Any responsible rider should always secure their head during a ride. Therefore, a helmet is a must-have equipment for every horse lover. Our shop offers a wide range of helmets. Each one of them complies with necessary safety rules. Many of our helmets have a unique and stylish design. If the rider loves to dress up and match their horse, then a new elegant helmet will surely bring them much joy.

  • Swing P07 Equestrian Adult Safety Vest


  1. Swing P07 equestrian adult safety vest

Horse riding is a dangerous sport, so it is handy to have at least one equestrian safety vest. This equipment protects the rider’s back and ribs in case of a fall. The Swing safety vests are designed to give 100% protection without decreasing comfort. Those vests fit the body extremely well but do not restrict any movement in comparison to traditional back protectors. Keep your loved ones safe by gifting them a vest!

  • Jodhpur riding boots Hippica


  1. Hippica Classic jodhpur riding boots
  2. Hippica St. Gallen jodhpur riding boots
  3. Hippica Elite jodhpur riding boots

Is there a better gift for a horse lover than durable jodhpur boots? If you work with horses, you certainly know that comfortable and safe boots are a must.

Jodhpur boots are perfect for a full day spent in the stable, and when paired with chaps, they will keep your leg steady in the saddle and support your seat.

  • Equestrian vest True Rider


  1. True Rider Classic Elegance women’s equestrian vest

A riding vest makes a perfect gift for all horse lovers. This type of clothing is not only practical but also a very stylish and useful piece of clothing for every equestrian activity. The True Rider Classic Elegance equestrian vest is a gift that will undoubtedly be appreciated by experienced as well as novice riders.

This is a practical and elegant addition to every riding outfit. That is why if you are looking for an amazing gift for a horse enthusiast, then a riding vest should be way up on your list.

  • Veredus boots


  1. Veredus TRC Vento front boots

There is no healthy horse without healthy legs and that is why boots are an irreplaceable equipment used for any kind of work with horses. The brand Veredus is certainly one of the best equestrian brands that manufactures boots. The TRC Vento model is definitely worth a closer look, especially for its remarkable qualities. The materials used in these boots guarantee the highest comfort and safety of the horse during every ride. This present will make happy every person who loves their furry animal!

  • Stirrup leathers Prestige


  1. Prestige Italia A19 stirrup leathers

The brand Prestige Italia does not need to be introduced. The stirrup leather A19 is a great gift for every dressage rider. They are designed to maximize the comfort of the rider. Additionally, the high-quality manufacturing guarantees great durability making the stirrup leather a very long-lasting product. 


  • Stirrups FreeJump


  1. FreeJump Soft Up Lite riding stirrups

The stirrups absorb the movement of the leg in the saddle during jumping, training or field riding. Thanks to these properties, you can feel secure and comfortable in the saddle, and people with joint problems, knee or ankle pain may experience a significant difference in riding.

Stirrups are an interesting gift idea, and if you want to get one for a child, choose a children's model with a smaller foot rest.

  • Exceptional equestrian jewellery


  1. Rubin Royal jewellery

Equestrian jewellery is definitely unique. It can be a great statement of your passion for horses. The brand Rubin Royal offers various silver and gold vermeil jewellery with equestrian themes. Horse riders will surely appreciate such a wonderful gift.

  • Veredus boots


  1. Veredus Carbon Gel Vento front boots
  2. Veredus Kevlar Gel Vento front boots

The Veredus boots give the horse the highest level of protection during a calm ride in the arena as well as crazy gallops in the forest. Depending on your horse's needs, Veredus offers a wide variety of boots that differ in design and features.

These are high-end boots that will please every professional or recreational horse owner.

  • Kingsland Down Vest


  1. Kingsland Classic Unisex down vest

Equestrian vests are becoming increasingly popular among riders. They make a great addition to every winter riding outfit, so it is a must-have product for every girl and boy.

This down vest is unisex and makes perfect winter clothing but is also perfect for horse riding in early spring and autumn.

  • Chaps and jodhpur boots Sergio Grasso


  1. Sergio Grasso Chaps
  2. Sergio Grasso Palermo jodhpur boots

Good and durable jodhpur boots should be on your list of what to buy your horse obsessed loved ones. The Sergio Grasso chaps are made of calfskin leather, which is very durable, yet flexible enough to conform to the shape of the rider's leg, which will further improve the comfort of the ride.

The set is complete with the modern Sergio Grasso jodhpur boots. The shoes fit the rider’s leg perfectly thanks to the rubber insert while the calfskin leather ensures great comfort.

The comfortable, elegant, and practical riding boots are a great idea for a gift.


  • Riding stirrups FreeJump Soft Up PRO


  1. FreeJump Soft Up PRO riding stirrups

Top quality weight-relieving stirrups.

The stirrups absorb up to 2/3 of the load generated when landing after a jump or in daily riding, so knees and joints are relieved and horseback riders can enjoy the ride free of pain and discomfort.

It is a fantastic gift for those struggling with severe knee and joint pain while riding.

  • KEP helmets


  1. KEP Italia Cromo 2.0 Mica equestrian helmet blue
  2. KEP Italia Cromo 2.0 equestrian helmet shine blue

Top of the top! A helmet from the brand KEP Italia is the dream equipment of many riders. For many horse lovers being gifted this helmet is a dream come true. This amazing Italian brand creates exceptional, original, and incredibly safe riding helmets. A riding helmet is an essential piece of equestrian equipment, which is irreplaceable when it comes to your safety. By gifting a KEP ITALIA riding helmet to a loved one, you can be sure that you are providing them with the highest level of comfort and protection.

  • Jumping stirrup leathers Prestige Italia


  1. Prestige Italia A17 stirrup leathers

Prestige Italia is an amazing brand known for its premium products. These jumping stirrup leathers are no exception. They possess all the qualities that a great stirrup leather should. The stirrup leathers are durable, convenient to use, and comfortable. The Prestige Italia A17 stirrup leather will make a perfect gift for any rider, especially those who specialize in jumping.

  • Jumping girth with a guard


  1. Prestige Italia Stud Guard Girth A8 Prestige

This grith from Prestige Italia is an exceptional and luxurious Christmas gift for every horse lover. This gift will be appreciated by every rider especially those that specialise in jumping. It is a unique product that combines luxury, quality, and functionality, making it the perfect Christmas gift for even the most demanding riders.

  • Jumping girth


  1. Prestige Italia Elastic Girth A4

This jumping girth from Prestige Italia is an exceptional piece of equipment that stands out with its high quality and careful craftsmanship. Prestige Italia is a renowned brand in the equestrian world that always manufactures the highest quality products. This jumping girth from Prestige Italia will please every horse lover especially those who specialise in jumping.

  • Dressage girth


  1. Prestige Italia Dressage Girth A43
  2. Prestige Italia A52 RP Dressage girth

A good dressage girth must comply with special criteria to be fully functional. When choosing a present for a dressage rider, the brand Prestige Italia should be your go-to. This brand is known for its innovative features that increase the comfort of the horse. The girth can fit different horses while keeping them fully comfortable even when during complicated and advanced dressage figures and movements. 

  • Riding headset


  1. Equestrian Wireless Communication System

Do you need to get a gift for a riding instructor or trainer? If the answer is yes, then the best gift that will save their voice will be a headset.

Wireless communication systems connect the instructor and the rider and allow them to converse through the headset.

No more yelling or hoarse voices during a ride!

  • Equiline down jacket


  1. Equiline Cirec Women’s Equestrian Padded Jacket

Equiline is a renowned brand that produces high-quality equestrian equipment. Their jacket is a perfect example of elegant yet practical clothing. The riding jacket from Equiline is a gift that will bring joy to any horse lover.

It combines elegance, functionality, and high quality, all these features make every ride even more pleasant. An equestrian jacket is the perfect Christmas gift for any horse enthusiast who will appreciate both its aesthetic appearance and practical use.

Bestsellers for a gift for a rider

  • Riding airbag vest


  1. Freejump Airbag Vest for horseback riders regular fit

The innovative safety vest makes a great present. The brand Freejump created a modern safety vest with timeless safety features. It involves placing a special cartridge inside the vest and then connecting it to the saddle with a strap. When the rider falls, the cartridge is punctured by unfastening the strap, and the vest inflates at 98ms. This feature gives the rider optima; cushioning before they fall to the ground or collide with the surrounding objects.

  • Samshield helmets


  1. Samshield helmets

The best gift for a horse rider ever! Which girl will not appreciate those beautiful designs?

You can choose already designed Samshield helmets from the store's offer, but you have the opportunity to configure your own unique helmet in the configurator. The different categories allow you to choose any decoration and combination.

  • Equiline breeches


  1. Equiline breeches

A pair of breeches from Equiline are a must-have for every rider! Modern cuts, innovative solutions, high-quality materials, and practical features make them an unbeatable product for every rider! 

  • Riding socks


  1. Kingsland Classic Socks 3-Pack

One can never have too many riding socks. Give a horse rider a 3-pack of riding socks and you will see a wide smile on their face. Stretchy riding socks from Kingsland are a perfect choice for intense rides. The cotton ensures optimal air circulation, while the elastic features ensure the best fit possible.

  • New collection Eskadron Heritage


  1. Eskadron Heritage 2023

The new collection Eskadron Heritage is full of interesting, elegant, and original designs. We are sure that you will find a Christmas gift perfect from the collection. Beautiful colours, a reliable combination of functionality, and careful craftsmanship will be perfect for any rider. The Heritage collection gives a unique opportunity to create a unique look for the rider-horse pair that will set them apart from the rest!

  • Animo breeches


  1. Animo breeches

Breeches have a lot of features that affect the ride. Those pairs that are made of the highest quality materials will give the best comfort. Animo breeches offer unbeatable quality. They make a great gift that will surely not disappoint!

  • Sergio Grasso tall boots


  1. Sergio Grasso Ingress boots

Among riders, there is a divide between lovers of jackboots and stiffs along with chaps. The truth is that everyone expects a different kind of support for the leg in the saddle - a child will choose boots in which they will have more freedom, while a experienced rider will choose firmer tall boots.

If you are sure that tall boots are the item you want to bestow upon a loved one, ask for exact measurements, so that the gift will not become a useless equipment due to incorrect size.

  • Classic vest


  1. Kingsland Classic Unisex Insulated Body Warmer

A warm equestrian vest is a gift that will please every horse lover. When choosing the Kingsland vest, you can be assured that your loved one will be comfortable during every ride and stable chores. This is a reliable combination of beautiful design, comfort, and functionality that makes horse riding even more enjoyable, especially in winter.


When choosing any of the above gifts, you can throw in a small gadget that will certainly add some value to the gift.

  • Horse treats


  1. Horse treats

A gift not only for the rider, but also his beloved horse. Ready-made horse treats always make the gift more attractive. This way both horses and riders are happy!

  • Equestrian clothing washing liquids

preparaty_hey_wash (1)

  1. Hey Wash Sport Tex washing liquid
  2. Hey Sport Micro Wash washing liquid

For more information on equestrian clothing laundry liquids, click HERE.

  • Saddle and leather equipment maintenance supplies


  1. Effax leather combi set

Another great addition to the gift will be a leather care kit for the saddle and other leather equipment of the horse.

With a several-step treatment, we get rid of dirt and deep contaminants, but also moisturize and impregnate the leather to prepare it for further use.

  • Shoe polishes


If the choice fell on leather riding boots, jodhpur boots or chaps, don't forget about leather care products to keep the equipment in good shape for a long time!

Remember that the Equishop Team is there to assist you and will gladly answer your questions.

Equestrian store: +48 784 039 784


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