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Samshield riding helmets suggestions

Published: 2021-08-12 15:41:51 Categories: Guides Rss feed , Products Rss feed


The riding helmet, which used to be referred to as a riding hat, is the most crucial thing when it comes to horseback riding. The current equestrian safety regulations demand wearing a helmet. It is used to protect the rider's head from injuries that can result from falling off a horse.

One of the top manufacturers of equestrian helmets is Samshield. They manufacture their helmets and hand-finish them in France, so they ensure high levels of safety while the helmets remain aesthetically pleasing and very durable.


Samshield helmets are elegant and offer the maximum safety level due to their materials. The outer shell of the helmets is made of polycarbonate, which is lightweight yet very strong, and the inner shell is covered with polystyrene of variable density, which is very good at absorbing the energy that is generated during a fall.

Apart from high safety levels, Samshield offers the possibility of creating your own helmet. The latest helmet configurator allows you to choose the shell, trim, and shield. You can even personalize the helmet by adding your name or your country's flag.

1. Samshield Rose Gold riding helmets

These are one of the most popular helmet models. Rose Gold is a pinkish shade combined with gold, one of the trendiest colors of the season. Many manufacturers choose to use this color, making it very easy to match the helmet with the rest of your outfit.


1. Samshield Shadowmatt / Flower Swarovski Blue / Rose Gold / navy helmet
2. Samshield Shadowmatt / Rose Gold Trim / Rose Gold Blason / black helmet
3. Samshield Shadowmatt / Rose Gold Trim / Rose Gold Blason / navy helmet

2. Samshield XJ Miss riding helmets

Samshield's latest helmets are the XJ Miss ones, designed for Cross. They are made of carbon fiber, characterized by lightness and durability. They offer a very high level of protection and feature a longer brim that was modeled after the Miss Shield helmet, which in turn was inspired by a women's brim hat.


1. Samshield Helmet XJ Miss black

3. New blazon - Crystal Fabric Swarovski

Another noteworthy helmets are those with Crystal Fabric Swarovski stones on the blazon. The stones are individually selected for a given shell design. They have been only recently introduced by the manufacturer and are gaining in popularity. Samshield offers a wide range of colors, ranging from the popular Rose Gold, through Paradise Shine to colors such as gold, black or silver. You can also match the trim of your choice to the blazon, which gives a captivating effect. Swarovski crystals are not applied uniformly, making the helmet look really shiny while riding.


1. Samshield Miss Shield Shadowmatt / Crystal Fabric Rose Gold Blason / Rose Gold Chrome / black
2. Samshield Miss Shield Shadowmatt / Crystal Fabric Bermuda Blue Blason / Black Chrome / navy

4. Samshield Miss Shield riding helmets

Miss Shield helmets are dedicated for women. Their design was based on a polo helmet. Miss Shield helmets, unlike other Samshield models, are characterized by a wide brim and a frontal band above it, which can be finished with different materials such as Alcantara, Crystal Fine Medley or Crystal Comet.

Currently, the Miss Shield Crystal Medley helmet in black is the most popular. Swarovski Crystal Medley are the crystals very densely spread on the top or the frontal band of the helmet. They are characterized by a large size of stones and uneven coverage, which adds an original sparkle to the shell. This configuration is available in three different colors, gold, black and blue. Samshield also offers a Crystal Fine Medley version, where the crystals are smaller and evenly spread over the helmet, which doesn't diminish its visual effects while riding.


1. Samshield Miss Shield Shadowmatt / Crystal Medley Black / silver black
2. Samshield Miss Shield Flower Swaro Jewelry Top Majestic Black / Flower Swaro Band / 5 Swarovski black

It is possible to buy a helmet on the Equishop website or in a stationary equestrian store, our store has a wide range of basic Samshield Shadowmatt helmets with short brim, as well as those with embellishments, or you can order your own personalized helmet by using the Samshield helmet configurator.

Are you thinking about buying your own riding helmet? Check out our offer: helmets 24h, Samshield Rose Gold.

If you have any questions, call us or text.

Equestrian store: +48 784 039 784


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