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Hobby Horse – What is it and important things to know

Published: 2023-01-18 11:57:01 Categories: Lifestyle Rss feed


Hobby horsing is the perfect entertainment for the youngest horse and riding enthusiasts. Horse riding gadgets will impress children, and the opportunity to take part in competitions resembling the struggles of real riders will certainly awaken their competitive spirit. What is a hobby horse, where it came from, and what is it all about? Let's find out.

Children with a passion for horses will always find a way to express their hobby. In addition to horseback riding training and riding camps, they are eager to find other ways to pursue this passion. Collecting books, postcards, or figurines with horses, watching movies and TV series on the topic and playing games about horses are all very popular. It turns out that it is possible to go one step further and make sporting contests for children out of a game all about horses and horsemanship, of course!

What is a hobby horse?

Hobby horse is a toy horse for children. A plush horse's head is set on a wooden pole, usually with reins, a colt, and other gear resembling that used by horse riders. The toy is used to mimic a rider during horseback riding and is a very attractive hobby for children interested in horsemanship.


Interestingly, this kind of toy has been known for centuries in various corners of the world. Not only did it provide entertainment for children, but it was also used in various shows, parades, and festivals, and the term "hobby horse" is used by folklore researchers. One form of hobby horse was the Cracow Lajkonik. Similar horse-like puppets and props appear in May Day celebrations in the United Kingdom, as well as in various holiday celebrations in Spain, Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, Indonesia, and North America. Sometimes hobby horse depicts a particular horse with which superstitions, rituals, and legends are associated.

These days hobby horses are used for children's games popularized in Finland. Little hobby horse enthusiasts can enjoy playing with their "horses" and collecting accessories and toy mounts, and even take part in hobby horse competitions.

Hobby horse competitions

Hobby horse competitions add variety to riding camps or children's classes at riding clubs, and sometimes even accompany equestrian events. In Poland, competitions in this "discipline" can be experienced at various equestrian centers and even at Cavaliada, where participants can choose from several age groups and classes of competitions resembling those reserved for equestrians. In 2022, the classes available were: Kidsiaki, mini LL, LL, L, GP qualifiers, and power of the jump.


  1. Horze Hobby horse
  2. HKM Hobby Horse
  3. HKM Bella Hobby Horse with sound

Hobby horse and accessories for hobby horse at Equishop

Hobby horses are available at Equishop in several variants - Horze and HKM brand models in several "coats" to choose from. Each of these plush horses comes with a cheekpiece along with reins and a long mane, which the young horsemanship novice can braid. The little hobby horse enthusiast will also enjoy the accessories - earmuffs, headstall and lunge, and even a saddlecloth, competition cockade, or knee socks imitating laced jackboots that are a great surprise and addition to the collection. Other accessories for hobby horses include a "stable", i.e. a hobby horse rack, obstacles, and other items familiar with horsemanship.

Hobby horsing is an increasingly popular, although, in Poland, a rather unknown, fun activity for children. It makes an exciting addition to camps, colonies, and even horse riding events, and can be a great way for organizers to enrich the repertoire of attractions for children. Thanks to this, the young children, who dream of being a professional equestrian, can "ride" a course with obstacles, collect accessories for their "horse" and... just have a great time.

Before going to a hobby horse competition, get yourself all the necessary care accessories for your horse.

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