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Horse Achievements– What Horse Breed is the Most Expensive?Horse Auction Records

Published: 2022-10-26 12:49:00 Categories: Lifestyle Rss feed


Horses appear in the Guinness Book quite a few times, among others in sales records. Are you curious  about which horse breed is the most expensive in the world? What are the prices of the most expensive horses in the world? What is the biggest sum paid for a horse in Poland? Read our article to find answers to all your questions and more: which horse breeds are the most expensive and most valued in breeding.

TOP 5 most expensive horses in the world

  1. Fusaichi Pegasus

The most expensive horse in the world was the Fusaichi Pegasus – sold for a record price of 70 million dollars! Fusaichi Pegasus won the highest amount of prize money. This thoroughbred stallion won over 70 races. Thanks to this, his owners earned over 2 million dollars.

  1. Shareef Dancer

Shareef Dancer is one of the most titled horses in all horse racing history. Yet again, Shareef Dancer was a thoroughbred. He was sold for 40 million dollars.

  1. Annihilator

Annihilator was sold for 19 million dollars, but he is often overlooked in these types of lists. This is because in his racing career he won only 3 thousand dollars and at the same time, the quality of his offspring left something to be desired.

  1. Green Monkey

This comes as no surprise, but on place number 4  of our Top 5 list, comes another thoroughbred. Green Monkey was sold for 16 million dollars. His high price can be attributed to his lineage; he was related to horse stars Northern Dancer and Secretariat.

  1. Palloubet D'Halong

Last but not least on our list is Palloubet D’Halong. This amazing gelding jumper was sold for 15 million dollars. He was a Selle Francais gelding, and his father was a renowned stallion Baloubet du Rouet.

As you can see, on the international market some horses’ prices can reach unimaginable sums. So, what does the ranking looks like for Polish horses?

The most expensive horse in Poland

The throne is taken by a mare named Pepita – sold for 1,4 million euros! Pepita is an Arabian horse and was put into the auction by Janów Podlaski Stud.

The mare was sold in 2015 and set a price record, which hasn’t been broken since.

Pepita was sold during one of the biggest equestrian events in Poland created to celebrate the Arabian horse breed – Pride of Poland. It’s an auction of Arabian horses with participants from all over the world.

A previous record, which was broken by Pepita, was set by a mare Kwestura – sold for over 1,125 million euros.

The most expensive horse sold in an auction

The most expensive documented (and entered into the Guinness World Records) horse sold in an auction was a two-year-old stallion named Forestry Colt – a promising racing horse. He was auctioned by an Irish client, who paid for the horse 16 million dollars!

Which horse breed is the most expensive? TOP 5 most expensive horse breeds

  1. Thoroughbreds

After reading through the Top 5 list of most expensive horses, thoroughbreds appear there quite often. Green Monkey, Shareef Dancer and Seattle Dancer were all thoroughbreds and their price reached millions of dollars. It’s safe to say that this breed is one of the most expensive.

What’s interesting, another thoroughbred stallion Frenkel was valued at 200 million dollars! Frenkel is in retirement now, but his owner doesn’t plan on selling him.

  1. Arabian Horses

Horse auctions like Pride of Poland are organized all over the world and the best horses reach unimaginable prices. During an Arabian horse show, horses are presented in a special arena to showcase their look and gait in a walk, trot, and canter.

During those auctions, studs present carefully selected mares and stallions. A chosen animal will represent the stud; the selection is an enormous task but if done correctly will give the stud (or a private owner) a chance to become the winner of the championship.

The most expensive Arabian stallion was sold for 11 million euros.

Arabian horses in polish auctions not infrequently reached prices over million dollars.

  1. Fresian Horses

A price in an auction for a Fresian horse with a good pedigree can be well over 100 thousand euros. Those black beauties are successfully used in dressage and carriage driving.

A breeding mare with a good pedigree can be valued at over a million dollars. It’s important to do a comprehensive evaluation of the mare’s lineage and the quality of her offspring to confirm that the most important characteristics of the breed and skills of the parents are passed onto the offspring.

Andalusian Horses

Andalusian horses are a real Spanish jewel desired all over the world!

Andalusian horses imported from Spain can cost up to 300-400 thousand zlotys (60-80 thousand euros). The price depends on the horse’s training level, pedigree, and predispositions.

The most expensive are Andalusian stallions, which finished their training at a Spanish Riding School and are ready for shows or competitions.

Importing a horse from Spain can be complicated and expensive, so it’s best to find a trustworthy agent that will organize the horse’s trip to Poland.

Westphalian Horse

Westphalian horses are often sold in auctions as foals or youngsters with basic training. They are quite popular among riders due to their versatility. Westphalian horses succeed in dressage, jumping, and eventing so it’s easy to imagine that they are a desirable breed.

A Westphalian foal with a good pedigree can cost up to 100 thousand euros.

However, Westphalian horses that are valued at the highest price are those trained at a Grand Prix level. The most popular Westphalian horses are Cornet D'Amour – a renowned jumper or Bohemian and Vamos Amigos known as partners with a rider Cathrine Dufour.

It doesn’t matter how expensive your horse is – all horses require proper care. Check out our offer of care products and find the perfect one for your horse.

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