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Published: 2023-12-15 09:47:43 Categories: Guides Rss feed

The Hucul pony is a primitive, mountain horse breed with an energetic gait. It is praised for its resilience and good digestion tract that utilizes a lot of nutrients from the feed. What other secrets does the breed hold?Koń huculski, hucuł

Hucul pony, also known as Carpathian, is one of the main Polish horse breeds used as pack horses or to travel longer distances, especially over mountainous terrain. Commonly referred to as Huzul and Hutsul. They are valued for their resilience, strength, stamina, and low needs in terms of feeding. Hucul ponies have a common ancestor with Polish Konik — Tarpan.

Koń huculski - historia rasy

Hucul ponies come from the eastern part of the Carpathian Mountain range and Bukovina (currently shared between Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia, and Romania). These areas used to be home to the Hutsuls – Russian highlanders who lived off animal breeding, shepherding, and forest goods. Up until the end of the 19th century, the primitive breeding of the Hucul pony was conducted in forests; semi-wild herds of horses lived in open areas in those forests.

During the First World War there was a higher need for horses. People imported animals from abroad and then cross-bred them with local horses. This led to a dilution of the Hucul’s gene pool; many of the animals got a new ancestor — The Arabian horse.

After the war, existing herds of Hucul ponies were taken care of and divided between Poland, Czechoslovakia (nowadays Czech Republic and Slovakia), Romania, and Hungary.

In 1924, the Hucul Pony Breeding Association was created, and people started to register their breeding mares.

These days breeding of Hucul ponies is conducted in:

  • Poland: Hucul Stud Farm “Gładyszów” in Regietów and Stud Farm in Odrzechowa (Experimental Institute of Zoology in Odrzechowa)
  • Slovakia: Stud farm in Topolczanka ((Národný žrebčín Topoľčianky)
  • Czech Republic: Hucul Club in Prague
  • Romania: Bukovina
  • Ukraine: Połonina Farm

Dorosłe konie huculskie

Hucul Pony – anatomy and characteristics

Hucul ponies often have stocky and muscular body with a short yet strong neck. The head is always set low; it is heavy, slim, and long with various shapes.

Hucul ponies have a strong back and steep, strong, and short shoulders. They also have a wide chest. The whole body is wide, long, and deep with a slightly sloping and strong croup. All this resembles a draft horse, yet they have short and slim legs.

The breed has characteristic small and strong hooves, that allow the animals to move over harsh terrain. The breed also has a primitive trait — a thick coat, which means these horses can be kept outside all year round.

Unfortunately, Hucul ponies very often have a hock defect. Some horses of this breed can have an extra gait – tölt or an ambling gate; this depends on the animal’s lateral movement abilities (the ability to alternate between both left and both right legs at the same time, as camels do, for example). These types of gaits are very comfortable for the rider, especially during longer journeys over harsh terrain.

Breed Characteristics

  • Height: 135 – 145 cm
  • Weight: around 400 kg (880 pounds)
  • Coat colours: bay in different shades, mouse dun, black, dun, less commonly chestnut or piebald. Most Hucul ponies have a dorsal stripe and stripes on their legs. Markings are not desirable.

Młode hucuły

Hucul Pony – importance

Hucul ponies – as mentioned above – are great for travelling over harsh, mountainous terrain. They can cover wide distances with extra weight, and that is why, they were eagerly used as packing horses and for trail rides. The great strength of these horses allows them to pull a sleigh or a carriage.

The small height, low maintenance needs, bravery, and liveliness make them a breed that is frequently chosen for recreational riding – for kids to learn how to ride and hippotherapy. Hucul ponies, despite their calm character and patience, can be very stubborn and not budge when they don’t want to; they have a lively temperament.

What’s interesting, Hucul ponies are often ridden by kids in lower-level competitions in show jumping and dressage (as a grade D pony with a height up to 149 cm). The breed is also getting more popular in carriage driving competitions.

Each year, the Hucul Stud Farm “Gładyszów” in Regietów organizes an event during which Hucul ponies participate in a trial that tests their abilities on a specially prepared route with obstacles.

Hucul Pony – price

The breed is relatively cheap in comparison to other Polish breeds. The price ranges from 5000 PLN to 20,000 PLN. The price depends on the horse’s age and training.


Hucul pony is a fast-learning and resilient breed. Despite the primitive background, the breed is gaining popularity in recreational riding and even in sports. Hucul ponies can be great competitors in dressage, show jumping, and carriage driving. Hucul ponies are also calm and nice family animals that will thrive living outside whole year round.

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