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Care Products from Doctor Horse – Available in Equishop

Published: 2023-08-14 15:04:26 Categories: Products Rss feed

preparat doctor horse czyścioch i siodło

The Polish brand Doctor Horse became available in Equishop due to a few reasons. Doctor Horse products stand out with their high-quality and excellent ingredient lists; all products are also created with nature in mind – the care products are vegan. The packaging is also worth noting, it is extremely practical and designed to be convenient and easy to use.

Horse care products

Tail and mane

The Doctor Horse tail and mane spray comes in two variants – standard Tail and Mane and Tail and Mane with glitter. Both products help the rider with combing the tail and mane as well as giving them a beautiful shine. The care product LIK is also a great product that will make every rider’s life easier because it helps with braiding.

szampon dla konia czysty kon

Coat products

Doctor Horse also offers an amazing product with glitter for the coat – Brokacik. This outstanding glitter mist comes in graphite, dark gold, silver, pink, and light gold color. For washing a horse and keeping its coat in great condition, the vegan “Czysty Koń” shampoo is an excellent option.

smarowanie kopyta olejem do kopyt doctor horse

Hoof products

To take care of the horse’s hoof, choose the vegan hoof paste “Pastuj Koputa”. The incredible hoof oil “Mocne Kopyta” nourishes and strengthens the hoofs; it’s also available with glitter - “Mocne Kopyta with glitter”. Doctor Horse didn’t forget about horses that struggle with thrush; the brand created an effective product “Błękitne Kopyta”.


The wide range of Doctor Horse products also includes those that mask the horse’s smell from pesky insects. The “Pachnie Że Mucha Nie Siada” mist contains essential oils that make the natural horse’s smell less attractive to mosquitoes and flies.

preparat czyscioch do skory_1

Care products for equipment

The Doctor Horse “Czyścioch” product is perfect for cleaning leather riding equipment. It effectively removes all kinds of dirt, sweat, dust, mud, and other stains. To strengthen and protect leather accessories, we recommend using the vegan leather grease “Smaruj Skórę”. The leather oil “Olejuj Skórę” will also strengthen the leather but additionally, it will moisturize, soften, and keep the equipment in good condition.

Take care of your horse’s coat and hair and check out our wide range of horse care products.

Equestrian store: +48 784 039 784


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