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KEP Italia equestrian helmets at Equishop

Published: 2023-11-14 16:57:21 Categories: Products Rss feed


Horseback riding is not just a passion but also a sport that requires proper equipment, including a safe and stylish equestrian helmet. In the world of equestrian accessories, one of the most renowned brands in the field of helmets is KEP Italia. For years, this Italian brand has stood out among others, offering products of the highest quality, innovative technologies, and unique design, making it the first choice for many horse riding enthusiasts worldwide.

Why choose equestrian helmets from the KEP Italia brand?


The KEP Italia brand stands out as a manufacturer of top-notch equestrian helmets. Each helmet model is a blend of excellent protection, comfort, and style. Ensuring complete head protection should be a priority for every rider, and that's why KEP Italia places special emphasis on providing the highest level of protection. The helmets meet all necessary safety standards, such as VG1 01.040 2014-12, ASTM F1163:2015, ISO 9001:2015, and EN 1384:2012. Every KEP Italia helmet is meticulously designed, crafted with attention to detail, incorporating the latest technologies, and using the finest materials.


Kep Italia Cromo 2.0 equestrian helmet shine black


KEP Italia helmets stand out not only for the high quality offered by the brand but also for the modern Air Control ventilation system. Maintaining an ideal temperature inside the helmet is extremely important for full comfort and ease of use. The applied KEP system enables achieving maximum breathability, facilitated by strategically placed air channels. Uniform air circulation allows for optimal airflow, ensuring comfort even during intense exertion.

Perfect fit

KEP Italia helmets feature an extraordinary fitting system that allows for the customization of the shell's interior according to individual needs. The interchangeable KEP Smart Lock inner liners in various sizes ensure stability and a perfect fit of the helmet to the shape of each rider's head. The wide range of lining dimensions allows every rider to select a size based on their requirements. Additionally, KEP helmets are equipped with a chin strap made of eco-leather with five attachment points, providing complete adjustment and maximum comfort.


KEP Italia Cromo 2.0 Python equestrian helmet gold black

Aesthetic qualities

It is worth noting that KEP Italia helmets are not just about functionality; they also feature a unique design. Aesthetic qualities make this brand a fantastic addition and complement to any equestrian style. The rich range of colors and finishes allows every rider to find a helmet perfectly suited to their style. Whether you prefer classic elegance or a modern look, KEP Italia offers a wide selection of helmets that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding riders.

Easy maintenance

A significant advantage of KEP Italia helmets is their quick and easy maintenance. The internal Coolmax lining is effortless to remove, as it only requires detaching it from the helmet shell. Subsequently, it can be hand-washed in cold water or machine-washed at a temperature of 30°C.


KEP Italia Cromo 2.0 Metal equestrian helmet diamond brown

Champion's choice

What confirms the position of the KEP Italia brand among the best equestrian helmets is its recognition in the global equestrian community. Helmets from this extraordinary Italian brand can be seen on riders of world-renowned fame, such as:

  • Isabell Werth

  • Scott Brash

  • Marcus Ehning

  • Julien Epaillard

  • Adelinde Cornelissen

Competitive price

The equestrian helmets from KEP Italia represent an excellent combination of the most favorable price with the highest quality and functionality. Innovative solutions and technologies, original design, and compliance with safety standards make KEP Italia one of the best brands in its price range.


The KEP Italia brand transcends conventional standards by offering not only high-quality equestrian helmets but also a fusion of innovative technologies with unique style. KEP Italia helmets represent an excellent combination of safety, maximum comfort, and distinctive design, making them an exceptionally popular choice for protection among professionals and equestrian enthusiasts worldwide.

Take care of your safety and choose a protective equestrian helmet. To do so, visit our section: Equestrian Helmets.

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