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Published: 2024-01-02 13:57:08 Categories: Guides Rss feed


The Wielkopolski breed was created to make a horse that will be perfect for disciplines that require the animal to have good body proportions — dressage, show jumping, carriage driving. Wielkopolski with a bigger admixture of thoroughbred genes can also succeed in eventing.

The Wielkopolski – breed history

The Wielkopolski is a Polish breed that originated in the areas of Prussian occupation at the beginning of the 19th century. Breeders used different horses such as Trakehner, west Prussian horses, Barb horses, and a few Germanic breeds — Oldenburger, Mecklenburger, and Hanoverian. The main breeding stables were situated in Gniezno, Sieraków, and Starograd.

After the Second World War, in 1962, horses that survived in the area of Masuria (Masurian horses were created mostly out of mixing Trakehners and west Prussian horses) and Wielkopolski (Poznan horse — a mix of Anglo-Arabian and half Thoroughbreds) started the Wielkopolski we know today.

These days the Wielkopolski is the most widespread breed in Poland.

Main Wielkopolski studs are owned by the state and include:

  • Racot
  • State Stud Liski
  • State Stud Pępowo
  • State Stud Dobrzyniewo
  • State Stud Rzeczna

Breeding is also conducted in private stud farms.



The Wielkopolski — anatomy and characteristics

The Wielkopolski resembles Trakehners with a nicely proportional body that fits into a square. They have a fine, slim head with a long and nicely set neck. Just as any other riding horse, the Wielkopolski has long and slim legs as well as shoulders. They have pronounced withers and compact and deep bodies. Their croup is sloping, muscular, and strong. This breed doesn’t have any feathering.

The light and fine anatomy of the Wielkopolski means that these horses have really nice gaits. These horses jump very well and have great stamina.

Height: 165 cm and more

Weight: 550 – 650 kg (1200 – 1400 pounds)

Coat colours: all the standard coats that are chestnut, bay, and black (sometimes grey)




The Wielkopolski – importance

The Wielkopolski horses do great in show jumping, dressage, carriage driving, and even eventing. They are also great recreational horses thanks to their physical capabilities and calm temperament.

What’s interesting, horses, to be used in breeding, must undergo special tests. In the case of stallions, the test lasts 100 days or bravery trials in dressage, show jumping, eventing, or one-horse carriage driving. Mares go through riding tests either in arenas or in open fields, or they go through a field carriage driving test.

The Wielkopolski horse is a Polish breed that is frequently chosen by Polish riders. Many Wielkopolski horses succeeded in international competitions:

  • In jumping:
  • Józef Zagor with his horse Helios – 10th place during the individual competition, Olympic Games in Moscow, 1980.
  • Janusz Bobik with his horse Szampan – 2nd place during the team competition, Olympic Games in Moscow, 1980.
  • In dressage:
  • Anna Bienias with her horse Celbant – 22nd place during the World Cup in Rome, 1998.
  • Beata Stremler with her horse Martini – 38th place, Olympic Games in London, 2012.


The Wielkopolski – price

The price for Wielkopolski starts at around 10 thousand PLN for a foal and can go up to 100 thousand PLN for an adult horse. The price depends on the horse’s individual training and lineage.



Wielkopolski horses are one of the most popular breeds in Poland. This should not come as a surprise, since the horses are great athletes, have a nice temperament, and thrive in the Polish climate. Just as history shows, the Wielkopolski is a great horse for teaching horse riding as well as competing in the Olympic Games.

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