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How to choose the best equestrian center for your horse?

Published: 2021-09-30 12:40:56 Categories: Guides Rss feed , Lifestyle Rss feed


If you're looking for an equestrian center to board your horse at, you'll want to make sure the place best suits your horse's needs and, at the same time, your personal needs. What should you pay attention to during your search?

The perfect equestrian center needs to meet many criteria in order to match both your horse's and your expectations. Before you start looking for a place to stay for a longer time, it's good to know exactly how to find a good riding center for your horse.

1. Think about your needs

Each equestrian center is built to meet specific needs. Some are sport oriented, others are cozy boarding facilities, and there are equestrian centers that specialize in caring for horses with special needs (e.g. elderly horses, injured ones, or those with behavioral issues).

Consider what kind of place you are trying to find for your animal and... for yourself. Don't forget that you will be spending quite a lot of time there. Are you looking for trainings under the supervision of a competent trainer? Or maybe you care about the surroundings, because you tend to go off-road? What kind of facilities would you like the equestrian center to have (an indoor riding arena, obstacle course, cross country course, wash station, solarium)? The best idea is to write down all of your expectations.


2. Realistically evaluate the possibilities

This is crucial. Think about how much travel time and money you are willing to spend on your horse's hotel of choice. So what if the ideal equestrian center is located 50 km away from where you live, if you can only visit your beloved horse once a week? Don't neglect the financial aspect either - remember that in addition to the boarding house, you'll need to pay for smith and vet visits, and sometimes even additional equestrian services (e.g. horse physiotherapist, saddlefitter).

3. Check the conditions

Visit the equestrian center before making a decision. Find out what conditions your animal will live in. What should you pay attention to? First of all, it's important to have large fields and paddocks, where the horse can graze, get much needed exercise and have contact with the herd, as well as the food - the hay must be clean and dry, freely accessible for the horses.


The stable should be bright and the stalls spacious and clean, with access to water. Check if the horses are in proper condition and how the staff treats the animals. Do the horses spend most of the day outside, or are they forced to stand in the stable? Are pastures securely fenced and clear of trash or farming equipment? 

The rider's needs are also significant. If you want to progress, make sure the riding arenas suit your needs. Are they properly lighted, so that you can ride even on winter afternoons? Is the ground adequate, so that it doesn't turn into a muddy slide after the first few rains? Does the equestrian center have a neat, organized tack room where you can store your riding gear? Each of these things is worth checking during the visit.


4. Ask about additional services

Every horse has different needs, so the best equestrian centers adapt their services to the needs of each animal. Before signing the contract, talk to the director of the facility about your expectations and whether additional services are included in the price or charged extra. Such additional services may include e.g. blanketing the horses, feeding with different feed or at different times, a specific type of bedding.

5. Reach out to others

In the Internet era, you can easily find other residents who are using the equestrian center that you have decided on. It's a good idea to talk to them about the place and ask questions. Such conversations often reveal the true picture of the place. However, be careful and use your common sense to filter out the information.

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