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How to clean a saddle cloth?

Published: 2020-08-06 11:31:41 Categories: Guides Rss feed


The function of a saddle cloth is to protect the saddle from harmful effects caused by the horse's sweat. The saddle cloth is supposed to absorb it and not allow it to ruin the leather. What is more, the cloth is to dry the horse's skin, preventing chafing and scraping. You can also find this product under the name of a "numnah."

Summer training sessions are especially difficult for dealing with the horse's sweat. And as much as you can clean most of your equipment with wet wipes after a ride, cleaning a saddle cloth is not that easy.

Below, you will find a couple of tips that would help you bring your saddle cloth to its original state:


Drying the saddle cloth

The first step is to properly dry the saddle cloth. Best to do this in a shaded place outside, where the airflow is good. Direct sunlight might discolor the material while keeping it indoors in a humid place can cause it to go moldy.


Cleaning the saddle cloth from horse's hair

Next, when your saddle cloth is dry, you can clean it from the hair. For this, we use special horse brushes with a thick bristle or rubber combs for horses. The saddle cloth will look better after you remove your horse's hair from it and at the same time you can be sure that the coat will not damage your washing machine during laundry.


Wet wipes

If your saddle cloth is just a little dirty e.g. on the outside or you need to clean it quickly, you can use wet wipes. They refresh the material and remove the hair and dirt. They are exceptionally helpful when you need to clean the material immediately, but they do not clean the inside of the saddle cloth.


Washing the saddle cloth

While wet wipes are amazing for quick and cosmetic cleaning of the saddle pad, they do not clear the inner layers of it. And the inside of the cloth is responsible for absorbing the most sweat and dirt. Thus, washing your saddle cloth is crucial for protecting your horse's body from bacteria, fungi, and mold that can appear on the cloth's surface.

It is important for you to remember to clear the outer and inner part of the saddle pad from your horse's hair before putting it into a washing machine. In this way, you can avoid the machine's breakdown. You can either wash the cloths on your own or find a service that washes this type of accessory.


Tip: if you wash the saddle cloth in your own washing machine, you better do this on low revolutions and at low temperatures. It is best to wash them individually and put them flat in the drum so it does not wrinkle. You should also take them out as soon as possible after the washing is done and hang them to keep them in shape. We recommend washing them with a conditioner for sports textiles.

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