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How to prepare for horse riding in summer?

Published: 2021-04-21 12:36:02 Categories: Guides Rss feed , Horse health Rss feed


Summer is the perfect season for spending extra time at a stable, yet hot weather might cause discomfort to both horse and rider. Read the article to find out how to prepare yourself and your horse for riding in hot weather and the most important things to remember when visiting a stable in summer.

Summer marks the middle of the equestrian season. Long summer mornings or afternoons are indeed perfect for trail rides, riding lessons, and horse care routines. However, it’s important to remember that heat waves can be draining to both humans and horses. Fortunately, there are a few tricks that will allow you to fully enjoy the beautiful weather and have fun during the long days spent at a stable.

How to dress for horse riding in summer?

If you’re planning to have a riding lesson or go for a trail ride, then you must take breeches (preferably with a knee grip) or breggins, chaps, jodhpur boots, or some other comfortable, full-covering shoes. Even though, warmer days might entice you to wear shorts and sandals, riding in those types of clothing might put you in danger – you will surely get abrasions and won’t have a stable foot in a stirrup. Moreover, walking around horses in sandals also endangers your safety. When you’re going to a stable, it's also worth taking a light sweatshirt or shirt – in case your visit is longer than anticipated. Those clothes will not only be useful during cooler evenings but can also protect you from insects (for example during a trail ride).


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Even on the hottest of days, you must wear a riding helmet. You feel a bit cooler without it, but safety is always the priority. Horse riding is a dangerous sport; sometimes it only takes a second of distraction or a mere coincidence to fall off your horse. The only type of lighter clothing available for riders are breathable polo shirts and riding T-shirts, which are made of stretchy and breathable fabrics from brands such as Kingsland, Veredus, or Equiline. You also cannot forget a bottle of water, some type of head coverage, and sunscreen; insect sprays might also be useful.


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Don’t forget about the horse’s needs!

Healthy adult horses tolerate low and high temperatures, nevertheless, heatwaves are not pleasant for them as well. You should observe your horses and always check if they have easy access to fresh water. You should also check for any abrasions under the saddle and girth. If possible, plan a ride early in the morning or go for a trail ride – it can be a valuable change for your training, and the temperature in the forest is usually more pleasant. After a ride, you should cool your horse’s legs with water. Sometimes it might be a good idea to replace your normal lesson with a short bareback ride or don’t ride at all. Instead, you can spend some extra time washing your horse, hand walking, or swimming in a lake. If you have a strict training plan (for example before a competition) then you must remember about supplementing your horse with electrolytes that prevent dehydration and accelerate regeneration. It’s especially important during summer because horses sweat profusely during exertion. Electrolytes can be added to feed or dissolved in water. If the fields are extremely dry, then you should observe your horse’s hooves as they might crack and get dry. To care for such hooves, you can use Keralit moisturizing ointment or hoof care products from Veredus.


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It’s worth using repellents before a planned ride. Those products that repel insects can be especially useful for horses that get irritated by the presence of flies, mosquitoes, and black flies, as well as those horses that are allergic to bug bites. The presence of insects can also be distracting during a ride. If your horse gets aggravated by bugs, then you should put on an ear bonnet, while fly rugs and masks can be useful during turnout. In summer, riders usually spend more time in stables, especially because the weather finally allows them to ride outside regularly. Thanks to adequate preparation and planning even the hot days can be pleasant for both horses and riders.

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