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Review of breastplates and martingales — find the perfect ones for your steed

Published: 2022-11-09 09:04:43 Categories: Guides Rss feed


Are you looking for the perfect breastplate or martingale? Check which of the available models are worth considering — we present you with a review of Equishop's shelves and choose the best breastplates and martingales for you!

Everyone knows the old saying "the devil is in the detail." However, experienced riders can actually feel the difference — they know that details are crucial both in horse riding and in fitting the equestrian equipment. A breastplate and martingale are perfect examples — they are not obligatory accessories of the steed's equipment, however, in some cases, they prove extremely useful. This practical complement to equipment for horses, which saddles slide to the back (e.g. because of their anatomy), but also for eventing, jumping, and race riders, as well as for those who love field trips. A martingale is a very simple way to make your hand contact with the horse's muzzle more delicate. Usually, these two elements are discussed in tandem, and some breastplates make it possible to attach the martingale.


Breastplates with martingales — overview of Equishop offer

Breastplates with martingales are the most practical solutions. If you don't want to use the martingale, all you have to do is detach it, and when you need it — at all moments you have the martingale at your command. This makes most producers offer breastplates in sets with martingales. Which ones are worth your attention?

  • Prestige Italia five-point D27 breastplate — an impressive leather breastplate with a five-point fastening and a martingale. Available in two colors. At joining points, it is lined with soft sheep fur for your horse's maximal comfort and even pressure distribution. Rubber inserts prevent this breastplate from hindering your horse's movements.
  • Prestige Italia jumping D41 breastplate — a breastplate with a three-point fastening, made for jumping riders. It is minimalistic and elegant. It is made of elastic rubber and leather for optimal fit and freedom of movement while jumping. The leather elements have been impregnated, which made them resistant to the effect of your horse's sweat. The breastplate has a martingale in the set.
  • Horze Venice breastplate with martingale — a practical and inexpensive breastplate with a three-point fastening and a martingale in the set. It is made of leather and is available in two colors. This model has stainless steel carabiners, which make it easy for you to quickly put it on and take it off.
  • HKM breastplate with martingale with lambswool — a breastplate with a detachable martingale with a five-point fastening made of leather and elastic rubber for optimal fit and maximal pressure distribution. Soft lining made of lambswool at the joining points of individual elements provides comfort and prevents chafing.
  • HKM Economic breastplate with elastic insert — an inexpensive breastplate with a three-point fastening and a martingale will be perfect for training sessions. This model is made of elastic tapes and leather. With its carabiners, it is easy to quickly put on.

Martingales for horses

If you need just a martingale, there are a few options:

The models listed above are made of leather and can be adjusted in length. They are available in a few sizes for optimal functionality. In Equishop's offer, you will also find martingales to be paired with a breastplate, e.g.:

Such a vast diversity of models allow you to pick the best choice for your horse and you, and even match the breastplate and/or martingale to other elements of your equipment. You should also bear in mind that a breastplate will level slight shortages in the saddle's fit to the horse. If you notice a bigger problem with fitting the saddle, you might want to consider a consultation with a saddle fitter.

If you need well-fit equipment for your horse, we are at your disposal. Please, contact the saddle department.

Equestrian shop: +48 784 039 784

Saddle department: +48 606 914 300


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