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Top 15 best movies about horses

Published: 2022-09-23 09:15:07 Categories: Lifestyle Rss feed


We know that most horse lovers are glued to the screen when watching movies about horses. And for that moment, riders live vicariously through the movie’s characters.

The best horse movies are those that are based on real-life stories. But fictional ones are just as great. If you a looking for a horse movie for your evening viewing, then look no further. Check out our list and find a perfect movie that will please all animal lovers!

What horse movies are the best? Let’s find out!


Black Beauty (1994)

This movie tells a story of a horse named Black Beauty, which after an idyllic childhood gets sold to a few different, not all good, people.

The main character, Black Beauty bravely faces life’s adversities and fights for a better tomorrow. On his journey, Black Beauty befriends amazing horses and meets his keepers, some treat him as a priced possession, while to others, he is just a bothersome creature.

Watch this movie to see for yourself what kind of animals and people Black Beauty met on his life journey and how his story ends.

This type of horse movie can be a great adventure for the whole family.


The Horse Whisperer

A very long but also very engaging movie about a broken relationship between a girl and her beloved horse. The story shows how the pair tries to regain each other’s trust.

The horse whisperer, mentioned in the main title, is played by Robert Redford, who not only played alongside stars Scarlett Johansson and Kristin Scott Thomas, but also directed the whole movie.

Grace, during a winter ride with her horse Pilgrim, gets run over by a truck. In consequence, the girl loses a leg and her horse’s trust.

Grace’s mum asks a famous horse whisperer for help to reconnect the pair.

Will he succeed? Watch the movie and find out for yourself.

We recommend this movie to all fans of long and entertaining movies with characters that steal your heart from the very beginning.


Flicka parts 1/2/3

The three parts are not connected, but all tell a story about a black mare named Flicka. As it turns out, caring for wild horses and breaking a wild mustang is not as easy as it seems.

The movies are based on the novel My friend Flicka by Mary O’Hara, which was published in 1941.

The different main characters of these movies face different life challenges, but all come across the black mare Flicka. This black horse makes this movie series extremely enjoyable and entertaining to watch.

Will the girls be able to manage Flicka or maybe the mare’s free spirit will win?

You need to watch all those three movies and find out for yourself!


Windstorm parts 1/2/3/4/5

The title Windstorm horse is part of all five movies and is accompanied by a friend Mika. In the first movie, the pair meets and befriends. While in the other four movies, the pair faces many challenges and life adversities.

This pair’s story will pique the interest of all horse lovers, regardless of their age. See how Mika, while spending summer at her grandma’s stable, tames a wild horse and learns the secrets of horse riding.

In all the movies horses play the main role. However, the black horse Windstorm and rider Mika steal the audience’s attention.


Ride Like a Girl

This movie tells a story of a girl that wants to win her dream race, which is the prestigious Melbourne Cup race. The girl will stop at nothing to win the race; however, she stumbles upon obstacles that will stand in her way.

This movie’s plot is based on a real-life story and talks about a female jokey – the main character – and her passion – horse racing. This movie shows the audience that having a dream and purusing it is worth everything. There are many movies about horses that are based on real-life events; those movies show the audience that perseverance and diligent pursuit of the intended goal are the most important things when working with horses.

The main character is based on a real-life jockey Michelle J. Pain. Can she win a race that no woman ever managed to do so?

You have to watch this movie to find out!


Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron

Are you a fan of wild horses? If so, then this movie is for you!

Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron tells a touching story about a wild horse, which tries to save its herd and the land that they live on. Feel the warmth of the Wild West when watching this brave and wild stallion face life’s obstacles.

See how the courageous and galloping heart of this horse saves it from a life in captivity.

This movie is not based on real-life events, but it will capture your attention and make you stay glued to the screen the whole time!

For fans that prefer tv series, there is an animated version for kids that shows adventures of Spirit. You can find it under the title: Spirit Riding Free.



The main characters of this movie are a legendary cowboy and his brave mustang.

Frank T. Hopkins needs to travel 3000 miles over an incalculable desert in Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq. The deadly race is known as the “Ocean of Fire” and is organized by an Arabic sheik.

Frank decides to enter the race, persuaded by a high money prize offered by the sheik. He is accompanied by his loyal horse Hidalgo. The pair stumbles upon many difficulties, those caused by the unforgiving desert climate and others caused by opponents, that will stop at nothing to win the race.


A Sunday Horse

Debi, despite having access to well-trained horses, decides to ride a horse that everybody presumes to have no talent or future in the sport.

The girl has quite a challenge, however, she trains like there is no tomorrow to achieve her goals.

Unfortunately, Debi gets into an accident and becomes paralyzed. Despite this life hurdle, motivated by her bond with horses, Debi works extremely hard to walk again. She fights for months, not only for her ability to walk, but also for her dreams.

If you love a good tear-jerker movie, then you must watch this one!


War Horse

This movie takes place during the World War I and tells a story about a foal named Joey. This brave horse gets sold to the British army and from then on, Joey is forced to face dangerous battlefields in France.

If you like historical movies and you’re a horse lover, then this movie is right up your alley.

See the incredible story of a horse-loving farm boy that is thrown into the war and Joey, a horse that impresses all his keepers and soldiers that he meets on his life journey.

Will the farm boy’s and Joey’s paths cross again? Will they find each other?


The Black Stallion

This incredibly engaging story shows a relationship between a black stallion and a girl named Neera.

The best horse movies will give their audiences a thrill and this one definitely meets the criteria.

Neera gets lost in a desert and that’s where she comes across an extremely brave, fast, black foal. The story follows the pair; the blossoming of their relationship and a fight to keep Neera’s grandfather’s stud.

Neera, just as a professional horse whisperer, tames the unruly back foal and their relationship transforms into a strong friendship. This movie will give you a full ray of emotions and the brave attitude of the main characters will make you cheer them on from the beginning.

Watch the movie to see if Neera and her horse will win their most important race - a race for a better future.



Another position on our list that will pique the interest of people that love movies based on real-life events. The movie almost falls into a category of documentaries; it tells a story that begins in 1938.

During the Great Depression, three people connected by their love for horses put everything on one card and begin training a race horse. As it turns out, three mismatched people can join forces and fight for a dream and a win in a prestigious race.

A car mechanic that sells cars, too heavy and visually impaired jokey, former horse trainer who suffers from arthritis and the small Seabiscuit.

Can they beat all odds and win the race?



There are plenty of movies telling stories about race horses. However, this one will surely leave a lasting impression.

This movie takes place in the 1970s and the plot revolves around Ruffian - a racing mare that went undefeated until a contest against the infamous stallion Foolish Pleasure that changed it all, see it for yourself…

We are sure that the mare’s heartbeat still echoes through the racetracks all around the World.



This is a biographical piece showing the life of Pierre Durand who in the 1980s left his unsatisfactory job as a lawyer to pursue a career in horse riding.

Pierre chooses a meager horse, the titular Jappeloup, who isn’t showing a knack for the racetrack. Helping our main character overcome any difficulties is his wife, as well as his groom who is there come rain or shine.

Will Jappeloup, despite its meagerness, and Pierre, who made a few errors in his life, have a chance at the Olympic Games? Will they surmount the challenge?

This excellent biography will endear both movie and horse enthusiasts.



Our list is not quite finished with race horses, because this one is all about them.

The plot centers on a brave horse named Secretariat and housewife Penny Chenery. Based on a true story!

Penny’s entire family and even children advise her against keeping the recently inherited stable. However, everything changes after one of her horses wins the most important competition of the year.

This movie is a touching story about partnership, hope, and the fight for a better future.



Are you a fan of engaging romances and movies about horses? If you answered yes, then this movie will be right up your alley. Rodeo & Juliet’s main plot can be summed up as horse riding romantic story.

The titular Juliet moves to a ranch, which shouldn’t be interesting except Juliet is a big-city girl. At first, Juliet wants to leave as soon as possible, but she befriends a wonderful horse and meets a handsome rancher who helps her train for a barrel racing competition.

The story mixes romance, horse riding, and more. It’s a perfect movie for the entire family that is sure to be engaging both for younger and older viewers.


The movies listed in the article do not appear in order from best to worst simply because viewers have different interests. Some movies focus on the biographical aspects where the main focus lies on the human characters, whereas others center around horses and their lives. The list is sure to spark your interest no matter which features entertain you the most.

Movies, where the main character has to overcome difficulties, are especially motivating. A noteworthy mention goes to the 2010 movie “Secretariat”, which tells the factual story of a housewife inheriting a prestigious stable, and a horse that to this day is regarded as one of the best race horses in history.

Did some of the movies listed inspire you to take up the mantle of a horse rider? Check out the club offer and stock up on the best horse-riding apparel!

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