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What to bring with you to a summer horse riding camp - checklist

Published: 2021-05-19 08:39:39 Categories: Guides Rss feed , Lifestyle Rss feed


Summer vacations in the saddle are the dream of many horseback riding enthusiasts! If you are heading to an equestrian camp, check out our guide on what not to forget and what you might need.

Horseback riding camps are something that many young riders look forward to all year long. Daily trainings, the opportunity to make new friends, and being around horses the entire day - all of this sounds like the perfect vacations for horse lovers. But before you hit the road, you need to pack the necessary items, and that can be tricky. What to pack for an equestrian camp? First and foremost, don't put off your packing until the last minute so that you can still buy any necessary things. Below you will find a useful checklist.

1. Riding accessories for horse camp

Regardless of your riding levels, horseback riding wear is a must. If you're only starting out and don't have your own gear like more advanced riders do, you can substitute it with comfortable sports clothing. Make sure to pack:

  • horse riding helmet - while most riding centers will lend you helmets or hats, it is safer and more hygienic if you bring your own. Regardless of your horseback riding skills, you will need one.

  • breeches - if you have more than one pair in your closet, bring 2-3 pairs so you can wear another pair if one gets dirty or damaged. You can substitute breeches with breggins or leggings. What is important is that the pants are flexible, have a high waist and do not limit movement.

  • jodhpur boots, chaps or tall riding boots - jodhpur boots with chaps or tall riding boots are the best choice. Alternatively, you can opt for light sports shoes, but there is still a risk that the shoe will be too wide or that the sole will be slipping in the stirrup. Fortunately, HKM and Horze, for example, offer affordable jodhpur boots. A popular alternative to chaps are high equestrian socks.
  • optional: protective riding vest and riding gloves - the vest increases your safety by protecting your spine in case of falling off the horse. The gloves prevent abrasions and ensure a firm grip of the reins.


1. Horze Quinton leather chaps
2. Kingsland Katja W E-Tec full grip pull on women's breeches
3. Dainese Milton Junior Soft E1 safety vest
4. Roeckl Roeck-Grip unisex riding gloves
5. Horze Kilkenny kids' jodhpur PU leather boots

You will also need T-shirts or comfortable sweatshirts - ideally, take separate shirts for riding, barn chores and for the rest of the day.

Depending on the equestrian center, some camp sessions are complemented by the opportunity to take the riding badge exam. If you are planning to pass your bronze equestrian badge during the horse camp, bring a show jacket, white breeches, a plastron, and a white riding shirt.

What is best not to take? Some young riders like to bring their own equipment, such as saddle pads or horse grooming supplies. Most camps do not allow the use of personal equipment. Moreover, you risk losing it, especially during trail rides. Same goes for the whip; although you can take your own, you may as well use the one you get at the equestrian center.


1. Kingsland Classic ladies' long sleeve show shirt
2. Kingsland Classic girls' show shirt
3. Kingsland Ken boys' knee grip breeches

2. Everyday items that will come in handy at the camp

Horse camp is not just about riding! A lot of time during camp sessions is spent with a group of new friends or on other activities that the equestrian center provides. In order to feel comfortable and have all the necessary items, you might want to bring along:

  • clothes - T-shirts (preferably more pieces than the number of days of the camp session), sweatshirts, underwear, socks, raincoat (especially useful on trail rides), vest, pajamas, pants and shorts or skirts, cap. If the riding program includes spending time by the water or swimming with horses - also a swimsuit.
  • shoes - sports shoes, possibly sandals
  • towel and cosmetic accessories that you use everyday (toothbrush, hair ties, hair brush, shampoo, soap, cream, deodorant, and others)
  • UV sunscreen
  • insect repellent and bite cream
  • a mini first-aid kit, which should contain painkillers, band-aids, and bruise ointment
  • documents, wallet with change
  • phone, charger
  • flashlight
  • a book, something to write with. It is also a good idea to bring board or card games.
  • Depending on the equestrian center, for some horseback riding camps you should bring a sleeping bag and a pillow.
  • A few favorite snacks - ones that won't melt in the heat. Popular choices are instant cups, cereal or cookies.


1. HKM Basic women's functional shirt
2. Kingsland Classic kids' equine hoodie
3. Uvex Exxential II riding helmet navy matt
4. Samshield Shadowmatt navy riding helmet

Last but not least, don't forget to bring your own horse if your english riding camp requires it ;)

Keep in mind that you are going to the equestrian camp to spend time riding horses and making new friends. Bringing lots of little things is pointless and will only take up room space and make it difficult to find the items you really need.


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