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Anna Scarpati products now available at Equishop!

Published: 2022-04-04 11:12:19 Categories: Products Rss feed


Anna Scarpati is a part of the Animo Group - an Italian brand famous for various accessories for horses and horse riders. Check which products with Anna Scarpati logo are available in Equishop and update your closet or equestrian tack locker!

Horse riding is not only a passion. For many it is a lifestyle and the highlight of their everyday life. The founders of Animo are perfectly aware of that, because they are horse enthusiasts themselves. When creating the Anna Scarpati brand, they made use of all of their equestrian knowledge, as well as their unique know-how and understanding of the needs of riders and their four-legged friends. Thus, they have created high-quality products - equestrian clothing and horse accessories. Which of them will you find useful?

Anna Scarpati — elegance and comfort

The brand's clothes attract with elegance, which is inherent in the equestrian world. The classics and the innovative intertwine in Anna Scarpati's designs, resulting in a striking combination. Stretchy, breathable fabrics are used to manufacture the clothes, thus ensuring comfort and freedom of movement. This allows the riders to feel comfortable during competitions and trainings and to concentrate completely on their passion - or on achieving success!


  1. Anna Scarpati Frida women's competition riding shirt
  2. Anna Scarpati Silma women's equestrian knee grip breeches

Which clothes deserve attention? An excellent choice are competition shirts with classy collars (e.g. Frida competition shirt for women or Gingio competition shirt for men). To complete the set, the brand suggests a classic, navy blue tailcoat. Additionally, the offer includes riding breeches with full or short silicone grip. The breeches are made of 4-way stretching material and have elastic elements in the lower part of the legs, which ensure a perfect fit along the whole length. The collection for riders is complemented by a number of accessories: a riding belt Kigali and high equestrian socks. The collection is characterized by consistent colors, allowing riders to put together an impressive outfit for competitions.

Anna Scarpati horse accessories


  1. Anna Scarpati Ulisse stable drape with compartments
  2. Anna Scarpati Unik horse bandages holder

The creators of the Anna Scarpati brand clearly know how time-consuming attending an equestrian event is! To facilitate taking care of your horses while away, they have created these practical stable accessories:

  • stable drape, which will help the horse calm down in an unfamiliar place and prevent interaction with other horses or strangers.
  • box curtain with storage compartments to store your essentials.
  • a bag to hang on the stall door for storing horse bandages, grooming accessories and other items.
  • wooden saddle pads hanger.

Each of the items can be easily folded in order to take up as little space as possible. But that's not all - the offer also includes travel boots for the horse's legs and a tail protector, a nylon halter, saddle pads and bandages (including wraps).


  1. Anna Scarpati Niele horse stable cotton rug
  2. Anna Scarpati Wenny horse bandages 2 pcs.
  3. Anna Scarpati Z25 horse saddle pad shock absorber

Anna Scarpati's collection features yet another product - the real cherry on the cake of practical accessories for the riders. A shock-absorbing saddle pad that evenly distributes the rider's weight and protects the horse against any abrasions. The pad comes in three variants: Z25, Z40 and Zora. Each model offers excellent airflow and can improve the fit of the saddle whilst ensuring a better experience for both the horse and the rider.

There is no doubt that Anna Scarpati deserves your attention - the classy design immediately catches the eye, and the quality leaves no room for doubt. The clothes and accessories will serve you for a long time as you enjoy working with horses. You are more than welcome to have a look at the Anna Scarpati products available in Equishop! Which of them will you put in your basket during your next shopping?

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