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Riding helmet vs riding hat – which one to choose for horse riding?

Published: 2024-06-17 14:25:30 | Categories: Guides , Products

Both a riding helmet and a riding hat are items of headgear worn by a person riding a horse. Their basic function is to protect the rider, thus protecting his life and health. No wonder, then, [...]

KEP Italia equestrian helmets at Equishop

Published: 2023-11-14 16:57:21 | Categories: Products

Effective head protection during horseback riding should be a priority for every rider. Be sure to discover the extraordinary brand KEP Italia, whose equestrian helmets are known worldwide.

Care Products from Doctor Horse – Available in Equishop

Published: 2023-08-14 15:04:26 | Categories: Products

The Polish brand Doctor Horse became available in Equishop due to a few reasons. Doctor Horse products stand out with their high-quality and excellent ingredient lists; all products are also [...]

True Rider Products Available in Equishop

Published: 2023-07-25 19:49:41 | Categories: Products

True horsemanship is not only about riding but also about the lifestyle and philosophy that are connected to these beautiful animals. True Rider is a Polish brand that not only identifies with [...]

Thrush – What are the causes and how to help a horse?

Published: 2023-05-09 12:49:21 | Categories: Guides , Products

Every horse owner wants their animal to thrive. A horse with healthy hoofs is a happy horse, that's why you should know how to properly take care of them. This article will explain what thrush [...]


Published: 2023-04-03 11:15:32 | Categories: Guides , Products

Horse's mane and tail require special treatment in the daily care routine. We present you tips and information that will help you properly groom your horse's mane and tail.

How to choose the right stirrups for you?

Published: 2022-10-20 08:52:10 | Categories: Guides , Products

Stirrups are one of the most essential parts of equestrian tack. Despite their small size, good and comfortable stirrups can make a great difference; this is often discovered by beginner riders [...]

Top 5 stirrups you should try out!

Published: 2022-09-12 08:44:44 | Categories: Products

Good quality stirrups have a great impact on the rider’s comfort, safety, and stability in the saddle. Check out our list of dressage and jumping stirrups that are worth your a [...]

Veredus horse boots discount in Equishop equestrian store!

Published: 2022-06-03 15:38:34 | Categories: Products

In the Equishop store we have launched a new promotion on Veredus boots. The offer includes products which will go out of production, so this is your last chance to get them at attractive [...]

Mattes lambskin or faux fur saddle pad and girth - proper care

Published: 2022-05-04 08:31:21 | Categories: Guides , Products

High quality riding equipment improves the comfort of the ride - both for the rider and the horse. Therefore, it is worth taking care of the equipment, so that it will serve us for as long as [...]

Spring collections overview – Equishop

Published: 2022-04-29 13:02:46 | Categories: Products

"You can't cheat nature" - it's a nice phrase to describe the new spring collections in Equishop. Technical materials, rich colors, functionality and style. These words perfectly describe the [...]

Hey Sport Wash – washing equestrian clothing has never been this easy!

Published: 2022-04-22 15:32:42 | Categories: Guides , Products

Riding equipment is usually made from various technical fabrics, which contain specific properties that the users want to maintain. Therefore, a question might pop up in the rider’s head – how to [...]

Grips in breeches — everything you should know. A unique compendium!

Published: 2022-04-12 14:56:16 | Categories: Guides , Products

One of the crucial criteria while picking a specific pair of equestrian breeches is the right grip. What should you know so that you can pick the most appropriate one?

Anna Scarpati products now available at Equishop!

Published: 2022-04-04 11:12:19 | Categories: Products

Anna Scarpati is a part of the Animo Group - an Italian brand famous for various accessories for horses and horse riders. Check which products with Anna Scarpati logo are available in Equishop [...]

Equiline Classic collection – for both you and your horse!

Published: 2022-03-04 09:10:26 | Categories: Products

Equiline is an Italian brand specializing in equestrian equipment and equestrian wear. Today we are going to take a closer look at the Equiline Classic collection, which is a permanently [...]

Horse riding socks from a Polish producer – Comodo now in Equishop!

Published: 2022-01-24 08:41:51 | Categories: Products

Alert Equishop customers must have already noticed it - Comodo riding socks with their original designs are now available in our offer! If you are looking for a new pair of socks for trainings [...]

Black Horse grooming supplies now available in Equishop!

Published: 2021-12-20 11:35:16 | Categories: Products

New horse care products now available in the equestrian store Equishop - check out horse grooming supplies from Polish brand Black Horse! Which of them will find their way into your shopping [...]

Different types of winter horse rugs and which one to choose

Published: 2021-11-14 17:30:18 | Categories: Guides , Products

The choice of horse rugs is enormous! Which one is right for your horse? Check out our tips and find out what to focus on when choosing a winter blanket. Proper equestrian equipment is a [...]

Equestrian accessories that will make winter in the stable more bearable

Published: 2021-11-10 10:08:48 | Categories: Guides , Products

Riding a horse and taking care of it in winter takes on a new dimension. The rider has to deal with low temperatures and the special needs of his animal. Fortunately, he is not alone: he can [...]

Top 15 Christmas presents for riders

Published: 2021-11-09 17:27:39 | Categories: Lifestyle , Products

We always want to spend Christmas with people we love and would like to give special gifts to. If one of your friends is a rider, check our list to see which items will surely make him or her happy.

5 tips on how to feed treats to your horses

Published: 2021-10-29 12:16:22 | Categories: Guides , Products

Snacks for horses are quite a controversial topic. How to give treats wisely so that it doesn't turn against us and which treats to choose? You are certainly familiar with the statement that [...]

Overview of autumn equestrian collections

Published: 2021-10-12 14:49:23 | Categories: Products

The latest fall/winter collections of horse riding equipment are now available in the Equishop equestrian store! The time of light summer t-shirts and breathable riding breeches is coming to an [...]

How to fall off a horse, but safely – equestrian safety equipment

Published: 2021-10-05 12:39:00 | Categories: Guides , Products

Every horse rider has to bear in mind the risks of falling off a horse - it is an integral part of the sport. And even though falling off tends to happen unexpectedly, we can actually get [...]

What are chaps and how to choose the right ones?

Published: 2021-09-30 14:21:44 | Categories: Guides , Products

When we think of riding equipment and the basic elements of a rider's outfit, one thing that comes to mind is riding chaps. These are not very thick layers of material that fit tightly to the [...]

Equiline riding clothing: for equestrian competitions and everyday riding

Published: 2021-09-28 12:33:57 | Categories: Guides , Products

What do you need to know about the Equiline brand? When was it founded and what distinguishes it from other brands? Which equestrian products does it offer? Which horse riders are going to find [...]

Magic Brush - a charming newcomer in Equishop!

Published: 2021-09-23 14:42:49 | Categories: Products

If you like practical horse care products, the Magic Brush brand will certainly have a place in your heart. Their products are reliable, pretty and... finally available at Equishop! Horse [...]

Groundwork with a horse – what is it and what do you need?

Published: 2021-08-25 10:34:48 | Categories: Guides , Products

The growing popularity of working with a horse from the ground is a very positive phenomenon, which proves beneficial for both horses and their owners. What is it and what accessories is it [...]

Samshield riding helmets suggestions

Published: 2021-08-12 15:41:51 | Categories: Guides , Products

The riding helmet, which used to be referred to as a riding hat, is the most crucial thing when it comes to horseback riding. The current equestrian safety regulations demand wearing a helmet. [...]

How to choose the right size of horse boots?

Published: 2021-06-25 12:09:31 | Categories: Guides , Products

Well fitting horse boots constitute a vital part of the horse’s equipment, but finding the right model can be tricky. What size of horse boots should you choose and what to pay attention to when [...]

Horse riding accessories for kids — horse riding lessons, and what to buy?

Published: 2021-06-18 11:30:47 | Categories: Guides , Products

Enrolling your child in horseback riding lessons can be an amazing adventure and even the beginning of a lifelong passion for the little one. Which horse riding accessories to buy for [...]

Jumping or Dressage Saddle? - top 6 best saddle models for horse riding

Published: 2021-06-14 11:43:16 | Categories: Products

Saddle is one of the most important and vital parts of every horse rider’s tack. Choosing the right saddle though can be a hard nut to crack. For all those riders still unsure which saddle to c [...]

In the stable – boredom toys for horses

Published: 2021-06-02 08:52:58 | Categories: Guides , Products

Boredom in horses - a problem that we hear about more and more often. When does a horse get bored and how to prevent it? What kind of toys to choose in order to diversify the long time it spends [...]

What to pack for an equestrian competition? List of needed items

Published: 2021-05-31 11:43:15 | Categories: Guides , Products

A trip to a competition not only includes a wide range of emotions but also a whole lot of planning. Both horse and rider need loads of equipment to not only look presentable but also make life [...]

Laminitis – inflammation of the hoof material – causes, symptoms, treatment

Published: 2021-04-13 14:50:00 | Categories: Guides , Horse health , Products

From this article, you will learn what laminitis is, what causes it, and how the first aid for your horse should look.

Top 5 useful equestrian accessories you should have in the stable!

Published: 2021-04-12 11:52:26 | Categories: Guides , Products

In an equestrian facility or husbandry, there is always a lot going on. Fortunately, we have access to many practical accessories that facilitate work and organize life in a stable. Planning [...]

Chaps, jodhpurs, and riding boots - pros and cons of each solution

Published: 2021-03-23 17:06:36 | Categories: Guides , Products

Chaps and riding boots serve a similar purpose, which is why beginners often face an issue - which to choose? Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of chaps and riding boots and make an [...]

Veredus horse boots admitted to use by FEI!

Published: 2021-03-22 12:20:55 | Categories: Guides , Products , Sport

People taking part in equestrian competitions should know that the regulations regarding the use of back horse boots have changed. Horse's legs require special protection, especially when you [...]

Top 5 products for protection of your horse's legs

Published: 2021-03-16 13:11:06 | Categories: Guides , Horse health , Products

Every experienced rider knows that the protection of the horse's legs is crucial. Which products should you choose to properly care for your steed's legs? Even a small wound or injury might [...]

Saddle construction – what do you not know yet?

Published: 2021-03-02 11:55:55 | Categories: Guides , Products

From this article, you will learn how a saddle is constructed and what technologies and innovative solutions are used to produce it 1. Saddle construction based on function Initially, the most [...]

Learning how to ride - the perfect outfit for recreational riding

Published: 2021-02-11 12:39:37 | Categories: Guides , Products

Beginning riders often have difficulties picking the right outfit. It happens that they come to riding lessons in baggy clothes, or on the contrary - they spend a fortune on professional clothes [...]

HKM - history and offer of equstrian equipment for riders and horses

Published: 2021-02-08 11:30:33 | Categories: Products

HKM is a well-liked brand among the riders, valued for the high quality of their equipment and clothes and for attractive prices. What is the brand's history and which products might prove the [...]

The one of its kind equestrian helmet, or Samshield's helmet configurator

Published: 2021-01-25 12:41:10 | Categories: Guides , Products

One of the world's top equestrian helmet producers is meeting the customers' expectations, who are looking for the one of the kind protection. Samshield has launched a novelty on the market - an [...]

How do Samshield test their helmets? - equestrian head protection

Published: 2021-01-13 15:15:45 | Categories: Products

Everybody knows that horseback riding is a high-risk sport. Every rider, either a recreational or a professional one should first and foremost take care of their protection during training. The [...]

Rugging a horse — when to do that and what are the merits?

Published: 2020-12-28 17:56:05 | Categories: Guides , Products

Rugging a horse is a more and more popular practice in our stables. A beginner rider or horse owner might wonder if such a solution could be helpful for his or her steed. This is why we advise — [...]

Magnetotherapy for horses. Magnetic rugs, magnetic boots

Published: 2020-12-02 18:41:27 | Categories: Horse health , Products

In our article, you will find what magnetotherapy is, what are its advantages and which products using this technology you can find on the market.

Protect your horse from insects in the stable, paddock and during training

Published: 2020-09-07 16:03:07 | Categories: Guides , Products

What is a highly effective, yet simple to implement way to protect your horse from insects? Take a look at our suggestions of products and accessories for protection against insects, which you [...]

Treats for horses — when to use and how to give?

Published: 2020-08-24 13:23:39 | Categories: Guides , Products

Treats for horses are quite a controversial topic. However, using them reasonably could bring you many advantages and will cause your steed joy. What to remember before you introduce treats in [...]

A few things worth knowing about saddle cloths.

Published: 2020-08-05 11:38:42 | Categories: Guides , Products

What is a saddle cloth?Saddle cloth is an element resembling a small blanket, which on the inside is made of polyurethane foam or polyester wadding, covered with fabric on the outside [...]

What type of breeches with silicone grip would be right for me?

Published: 2020-08-03 14:38:06 | Categories: Guides , Products

For a couple of years now, the bestseller on the equestrian market are breeches with silicone grip. They replaced breeches with leather and material grips in our closets. They are comfortable [...]

What makes Pikeur breeches so popular among riders?

Published: 2020-07-30 10:08:28 | Categories: Guides , Products

Pikeur is one of the most popular brands producing equestrian clothing. In their offer, they have clothes for all four seasons, all body shapes, for kids and adults, and their sister brand [...]

Gel pad or just saddle cloth - what to use while horseback riding?

Published: 2020-07-27 10:35:13 | Categories: Guides , Products

In equestrian stores, you will find many accessories that might prove useful during training sessions. When should you use a gel pad under a saddle and what is it supposed to do? Horses' [...]

Bandages or boots for horses? When to use what to protect your horse's legs?

Published: 2020-07-24 09:54:24 | Categories: Guides , Products

Horses' legs are exceptionally sensitive and prone to injuries and trauma. Often, even a seemingly mild issue might leave the horse unable to participate in training sessions or competitions. [...]

Which type of a full grip in equestrian breeches would be right for me?

Published: 2020-07-22 12:48:02 | Categories: Guides , Products

Are you looking for a pair of perfect equestrian breeches but you keep wondering which type of full grip to choose? Learn the advantages of each type - this will help you make an informed [...]

Prestige Renaissance FS2 Saddle

Published: 2020-07-21 21:13:14 | Categories: Products

What is Renaissance by Prestige? Renaissance by Prestige is an effect of cooperation between the Italian brand Prestige Italia and one of the most famous French saddlamakers. This means a [...]

How to choose breeches for children? 4 features worth considering!

Published: 2020-07-14 08:23:20 | Categories: Guides , Products

Young equestrians have special needs. They need extra safety and comfort to gain more experience and learn new things. How to choose kid’s breeches so that a young rider likes their clothing and [...]

How to effectively protect your horse from insects? Check out these 7 methods!

Published: 2020-06-29 08:43:53 | Categories: Guides , Products

Every year the topic of protecting horses from insects returns like a boomerang. It is a problem, which can spoil even the most promising training or a ride in the field. Specifically for you, [...]

How to dress for an equestrian event?

Published: 2020-06-23 13:45:50 | Categories: Guides , Products , Sport

The highly awaited moment has happened – The Government eased restrictions and competition season 2020 is on. Riders can finally take their place at competition arenas and cross-country courses. [...]

Equestrian sweatshirts and jackets for summer 2020 - new arrivals in Equishop

Published: 2020-06-16 17:50:18 | Categories: Lifestyle , Products

The season of spring and summer is usually the most intense one for every rider - it does not matter if you are a recreational or a professional one. It is also the season, when we go outside [...]

How to choose the right riding gloves?

Published: 2020-06-06 19:45:57 | Categories: Guides , Products

Gloves might seem an unnecessary gadget of the equestrian equipment at first sight. Such a view might stem from the fact that gloves are associated with something that hinders the movement of [...]

Equestrian breeches for summer - new 2020 collections review

Published: 2020-05-26 15:32:05 | Categories: Products

History of breeches reaches back to the beginnings of the 16th century when thanks to the Brits the invention from north India became popular in Europe. However, those breeches did not resemble [...]

Shaving horses – when and why?

Published: 2019-12-18 16:40:46 | Categories: Products

Heiniger XPerience clipper Horses naturally adapt to the changing weather conditions, gaining and losing hairs accordingly to the seasons. A thick and long winter coat is the perfect protection [...]

Breeches - history of equestrian pants

Published: 2019-10-18 12:45:49 | Categories: Products

Breeches are an intrinsic element of every rider's outfit (although at first the word "breeches" meant knee- or half-calf length pants).

Types of bits. Which bit would be right for your horse?

Published: 2019-08-29 11:20:49 | Categories: Guides , Products

A bit is one of the basic elements necessary for horse riding. Until we're learning horse back riding in a manege, under the careful eye of an instructor, we don't really pay attention to [...]

MaKeBe - Italian brand designed with love for quality

Published: 2019-08-05 15:42:42 | Categories: Lifestyle , Products

History The history of MaKeBe creation reaches back to 1995, when Stefano Pozzo dedicated his life with huge passion to producing high-quality metal components. He had never forgotten about [...]

How to choose a saddle for your horse? Saddle compendium

Published: 2019-05-14 12:15:39 | Categories: Guides , Products

In our article, you will find all that you need to know about saddles before buying one. Types, structure, sizes, and saddle fitting in a nutshell.

Eskadron/Pikeur - brand's history and collection overview

Published: 2019-03-27 11:01:46 | Categories: Lifestyle , Products

Eskadron and Pikeur are well-known brands in equestrian world. In this article, we'd like to tell you their short story and association with Bugatti. We also have a short collection overview.

Equestrain show jackets – types, colors, rules. What to choose?

Published: 2019-03-25 13:12:25 | Categories: Lifestyle , Products

In this article, we present you with types of equestrian show jackets and rules for how to use this piece of equestrian clothing during competitions.

10 gadgets useful in stable

Published: 2018-12-31 11:43:36 | Categories: Guides , Products

When it's time to furnish your own stable, experiences from other centers make us want to do it right. What should you supply your stable with?


Published: 2018-11-26 13:55:41 | Categories: Products

Do you train out in the open? Do you use crowded maneges? Do you take part in competitions? Check out CeeCoach and say goodbye to all the troubles concerning long-distance communication!

Veredus Save The Sheep

Published: 2018-09-17 17:18:05 | Categories: Products

Save the Sheep is the latest line of Veredus boots that are signed with Cruelty Free certificate. These boots were made wholly from synthetic materials. Get to know their advantages.

Which rug for spring?

Published: 2018-02-12 16:26:17 | Categories: Guides , Products

Capricious weather in the winter and early spring may cause horse owners trouble when it comes to buying the right rug.


Published: 2017-11-13 10:10:05 | Categories: Products

A necessary element of a rider's outfit on every competition is a show jacket. Good impression and aesthetics are crucial in equestrianism. It's good to know what to notice while buying one.

Rugs & blankets for horses

Published: 2017-10-23 15:54:11 | Categories: Products

Warm summer season is over. It's time for you to prepare your horse and yourself for colder days. The very basic element of horse equipment for autumn and winter are rugs.

Choosing ladies' and men's breeches

Published: 2017-10-03 16:58:43 | Categories: Products

Breeches are one of the very basic element of a rider's outfit. Various models from many producers are available on the market. In this article we will try to tell you how to buy the right pair.


Published: 2017-09-25 11:29:15 | Categories: Products

New Equiline Winter 2017/18 collection is now available. Find out what is in vogue this season.

Protective vests Dainese Balios Level 3 Beta

Published: 2017-08-16 16:52:34 | Categories: Products

Horse riding is an extreme sport, during which you can easily become injured, which is why it's necessary to take care of your safety. What can you do to protect yourself against injuries?

Buying a junior saddle

Published: 2017-07-31 16:17:28 | Categories: Guides , Products

Horse riding is a very attractive form of physical activity, which is worth showing to the youngest riders. However, you need to pay attention to buying a proper saddle for a junior equestrian.

The latest ESKADRON Platinum 2017/18 collection is now available!

Published: 2017-07-18 16:33:23 | Categories: Products

ESKADRON PLATINUM collections are always impatiently awaited by all horse riding lovers. It is a collection for those, who value style, elegance, a tad of luxury and the highest quality.

Novelties from Samshield

Published: 2017-06-13 16:21:29 | Categories: Products

As we all know, the French brand SAMSHIELD is producing extra safe helmets that apart from being safe (they have the VG1 safety certificate) are also beautiful and stylish.

Equishop's special for the weekend 19.05 - 21.05.2017

Published: 2017-05-19 16:31:23 | Categories: Horse health , Products

In EQUISHOP we love bargains galore. Who doesn't? Every now and again we have a new great offer for you. This week we won't let you down.

Equinatura - formulas from nature

Published: 2017-04-26 15:59:21 | Categories: Guides , Horse health , Products

Equinatura is a novelty on the market of horse care products. Designed out of love, passion, knowledge and experience. Equinatura is a brainchild of German giant.


Published: 2016-11-29 17:43:23 | Categories: Lifestyle , Products

About a new company - Horse Pilot - and their products, which soon will be available in Equishop!

Winter is closer and closer - prepare your horse and yourself!

Published: 2016-11-15 15:46:45 | Categories: Lifestyle , Products

Remember that during winter your and your horses immune systems are being tested. If you do not take care of your horse and yourself properly - we will become ill, and that means a break in training,

Winter rugs - things to remember

Published: 2016-11-11 16:52:15 | Categories: Products

When to dress your horse in a rug and when not to? What should you keep in mind while buying winter rugs? What kinds and models are available on the market?

Kingsland Imperium - about the brand, its history and founder

Published: 2016-09-14 18:52:01 | Categories: Products

How did one of the biggest equestrian brands in the world originate? Who was its founder? What made it so popular among riders?

Simple stable accessories that will make your life easier

Published: 2016-09-07 22:30:28 | Categories: Lifestyle , Products

We present you with stable product and accessories, which might be very useful and make your everyday activities much easier, they will help you save time before a ride (during cleaning, preparing equ

New on the market - Samshield Iconpack backpack

Published: 2016-05-20 09:50:29 | Categories: Products

We describe and analyse the latest product from Samshield - Iconpack backpack. Does it meet all the rider's needs? Check it out! :)

Sporting no.1 - safety

Published: 2016-05-06 16:18:26 | Categories: Products

About how to provide yourselves with safety while riding, which products are worth purchasing and what to pay attention to while picking them.

Necessary equipment for winter competitions

Published: 2015-12-03 14:55:40 | Categories: Lifestyle , Products

Are you going on your first indoor competition? Find out what you will need, beside saddle, bridle, and your show outfit.

How to take care of the equestrian equipment

Published: 2015-04-09 16:43:44 | Categories: Guides , Products

SADDLE First of all, before every polishing we should scrub it out. At the very beginning we wipe it with a damp cloth, and then clean it with a specialist soap or polish that are designed for t [...]

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