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Published: 2018-11-26 13:55:41 Categories: Products Rss feed


We're fairly sure that all of us at least once has had the problem of not being able to hear the coach's words, which lead to making mistakes.

In such case, we always have to approach the coach to check with him/her what he/she was trying to communicate. It makes trainings difficult and has negative impact on our comfort.

It is a pretty common issue, especially when trainings take place outside in windy conditions, on a manege that is crowded with riders and coaches, and even in-doors on big covered halls, where we encounter echo.

Especially on the weekends, it can get crowded on the maneges. Everybody tries to find a piece of arena for themselves and hear their coaches commands, which can get problematic. It usually requires us to stop by the coach after each exercise to hear him/her out what we should improve and do next. Such breaks are also not comfortable for the horse, if you want to keep him warmed up during the whole training.

CeeCoach trening
Source: Author: specialolympicsusa

Problem solution

There is a simple and convenient solution to this. Designed for all the riders who encounter the aforementioned issues, we present CeeCoach set, which is a two-way communicator between the rider and coach. Of course, CeeCoach can also be useful in many other situations, where two or more people need to communicate freely.

CeeCoach set was made by German brand called Peiker. It has many certificates and prizes to prove its high quality. In 2015, this product got Reddot award for design. In 2016, CeeCoach received ISPO award.

This device is exceptionally elegant and characterized by its minimalistic design. It can be used by the only three buttons it has on the front. The current mode of the device and its state is signalized by a shining ring that circles the middle button. The ring is backlit with different colors, due to which you will have no problems telling which task is currently being performed. On the left side, CeeCoach has headphone jack (3,5 mm) and a USB port that can be used for charging and synchronizing the device with a computer if you need to update the operating system. The USB port has a dummy plug, due to which CeeCoach is resistant to dust and drops of fluids. This set has a comfortable clip that will allow you to attach it e.g. to your breeches' belt. Also, the whole product is very light, so it will not hinder your riding.

Let's take a closer look at technical info about the product.

No. of users

up to 6 people speaking
at the same time


75 x 50 x 24 mm


clip positioned at a 90* angle


multicolor LED diodes

Speaking time

up to10 hours

 Stand-by mode

up to 3 days

Range of temperatures while working      

from -10*C to 45*C

Resistant to

drips, dust and shocks


up to 500 m

Connection technology

Bluetooth® 4.0

Power supply

Lithium-ion battery

Charging time

less than 4 hours

Headphones jack

jack 3,5 mm

Charging port


As you can see in the above data, CeeCoach allows for uninterrupted communication at a distance of even 500 meters. Connecting the devices through Bluetooth® 4.0 is a much more effective and stable way than a radio connection. It is worth mentioning that you can connect as much as 6 devices at once. Applying this technology allows for answering phone calls if the device is paired with a cellphone. The quality of sound is very high, due to which you can effortlessly focus on the conversation. You won't have to worry about the battery running low during training, due to its high capacity from one charge. However, the very process of charging is super-quick, because you have to charge it for 4 hours for it to be fully charged. We all know that it is easy to get things covered with dust or get them wet on the manege or in field. Fortunately, the producer promises that this device is resistant to such occurrences.

CeeCoach zestaw

In the set, you will find (DUO version)

  • 2 CeeCoach devices
  • USB 230v two-port charger
  • 2 microUSB cables for charging and data transfer
  • 2 headsets
  • 2 attachment clips
  • Manual

We offer sets of CeeCoach 1 and CeeCoach 2. Functionality of CeeCoach 2 was expanded with bluetooth headset support. What is more, you can additionally purchase a single CeeCoach device. However, we need to underline that CeeCoach 1 and CeeCoach 2 sets are fully compatible with each other. So you can combine first and second generation devices with each other or within a net of devices.

How does it work?

After you set a particular function to a particular device, you can also det a moderator (instructor) function, or a participant (rider) function. The instructor's voice will be transferred to all the participants. If a rider wants to tell something to the instructor, all he/she has to do is to press the "talk" button. All the other participants will hear this conversation. However, you can also have a private chat with the coach. In such case, the instructor has to press the conversation button on his/her device once. Then, the other participants will be excluded from the conversation. As you can see, using CeeCoach is super easy and intuitive. What is more, due to its minimalistic design, the product allows you to use it without having to look at it. The outer buttons are for sound volume regulation, and the middle button is for talking (to a coach, or in a private conversation).

Not only for training

Let's imagine that you can contact your coach during competitions, e.g. while show jumping. You are on the manege and in the middle of a war-up and you are having troubles trying to communicate with your coach who is standin 30-50 meters away and he is being muffled by some music played in the background. There, you also have crowd around the training obstacles. Everybody is trying to make some attempts before the competition starts.

Thanks to CeeCoach, your instructor won't have to beckon you to give you a tip. If your first training jump wasn't good, your coach will inform you right away what to do to improve it in the next attempt. While communicating via CeeCoach, you can take a couple of jumps one right after the other and be constantly corrected by your instructor. What is more, your coach has a better view on what is happening on the manege and can see whether you might interrupt someone, and thus avoid potential accidents.

CeeCoach is a huge help in dressage competitions just as well.

Young riders feel much more secure while having constant contact with their coach, so they will be less stressed and more focused on achieving their goals.

Trening z CeeCoach

Unfortunately, the set cannot be used while participating in a competition itself - both in jumping and dressage shows. CeeCoach can only help you properly prepare to these competitions - during trainings both at home and during a warm-up right before the competition. A constant contact with your coach will allow you to instantaneously correct your mistakes, and this in turn will allow you to achieve even better results. We think that everybody will find the right solution with CeeCoach set - either for everyday trainings, or during competitions, where every bit of help is invaluable. The communication set can be ordered in our on-line store -