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Choosing ladies' and men's breeches

Published: 2017-10-03 16:58:43 Categories: Products Rss feed

Ladies' and men's breeches

Ladies' breeches and men's breeches is a necessary element of each rider's outfit. Today, producers of equestrian clothing compete in creating new models, where everything is important: colors, cuts, materials. Every producer can offer at least a dozen of pants for horse riding. How to choose the best ones for you?

While buying breeches, you need to specify a couple of parameters. First of all - type of grip. Full seat/grip means that the breeches are braced on the inner thighs, knees and buttocks. Knee grip means, as the name suggests, that the breeches are strengthened only on the inner knees. Which grip is better? Both are equally good, the choice is yours and depends on your preferences. Ladies' and men's breeches with full seat provide you with better adhesion to the saddle and such breeches are usually preferred by dressage riders. No wonder, since they spend their trainings and competitions riding at sitting trot or canter, active with their seat. This is why improving grip in the saddle is very important for dressage riders. Breeches with knee grip support only the knees. It's a type of breeches often picked by jumping riders. Such riders more often ride at canter in half-seat and during a jump over an obstacle, the proper position of a knee provides safety.

Bryczesy Pikeur

1. Breeches Pikeur Enna (full seat) 2. Breeches Pikeur Adeline Grip (knee grip)

Another important criterion white choosing breeches is the material of the grip. It can be traditional -  leather, or innovative - silicone. The first one is very durable, but it has certain disadvantages. Breeches with leather grip are not as elastic as breeches with silicone grip. Producers came up with using silicone grip in breeches only a couple of years ago. It is a breakthrough. Silicone grip perfectly keeps you in a saddle, causing you to "glue" to it. Some producers, e.g. EQUILINE make ladies' breeches only with such grip.

As we already mentioned, ladies' and men's breeches come in all possible colors. The ones you want to use for everyday trainings can be whatever you like. But the statistics speaks for itself - we tend to choose dark colors - navy blue, brown, gray and black. However, during competitions there is a certain dress code we need to comply with, namely riders are supposed to wear white, cream or beige breeches. They look exceptionally elegant, but they're not very practical, which is why riders usually wear sweat pants or protective pants over bright breeches on a warm-up arena or manage and take them off right before entering the parkour.

Bryczesy Equiline i Kingsand

1. Breeches Equiline Cedar X-Grip 2. Breeches Kingsland Darjeen Jeans Grip

Material used in breeches has to be durable, quite elastic, but at the same time sensuous and comfortable. Most models have considerable admixture of elastin. Jeans breeches have been popular for a few last seasons. They look like our beloved denim pants, but their cut provide maximal comfort during horse riding because the seams are on the front of the calves instead on the sides (which minimizes abrasions). Denim breeches are very soft, elastic and comfortable. We hope they will stay in the equestrian world of fashion for good. While speaking of materials, it's worth mentioning winter models made of soft and warm softshell or corkshell. Such models of breeches are recommended especially for people who train outside or on a cold arena in winters. Good corkshell breeches can provide as much as 50% better thermal isolation. In the fall-winter season many riders also decide to wear thermal underwear below the breeches.

As you can see, much can be said about breeches. What are the criteria of your favorite breeches?

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