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Different types of winter horse rugs and which one to choose

Published: 2021-11-14 17:30:18 Categories: Guides Rss feed , Products Rss feed


The choice of horse rugs is enormous! Which one is right for your horse? Check out our tips and find out what to focus on when choosing a winter blanket.

Proper equestrian equipment is a necessity for those who wish to accurately take care of their horse. Thanks to carefully selected products we have a chance to provide our beloved animals with the best possible conditions. However, with colder weather arriving, a subject that raises many doubts appears - and it is very extensive. Should I rug my horse? And what kind of rug to choose for the winter?

Which horses need rugs in winter?

The horse rugging trend became a huge one. However, most horses tolerate low temperatures and don't really need a rug, and the only model we should have is a fleece rug, which the horse wears while drying off after an intensive training. Once the fleece rug fulfills its task, we take it off immediately. A wet blanket on a horse's back can cause cold - it's like wrapping yourself in a wet towel. Let's remember to approach the process of rugging in winter with common sense – its overuse can weaken the natural mechanisms responsible for protecting the animal from low temperatures and for its immunity.


  1. Kingsland Quilted Stable Rug 200GR

It is usually the older or sick horses and sport ones (in intensive training) that need rugs. They are typically shaved in order to prevent excessive sweating during indoor arena trainings. If a horse is moved from a warmer region and it arrives in Poland during autumn or winter, it should initially wear a blanket. Rugs should also be used when we don't want the horse to grow too much winter hair.

Which winter rug to choose for your horse?

It may not seem like it, but the decision about rugging your horse is a serious one. You have to be consistent – otherwise your horse if facing a risk of a cold or respiratory diseases. If we decide that our horse needs a blanket, this is only the beginning. The next step is choosing the right one.


  1. Kingsland Top Notch Turnout Rug 400GR

The most important thing when it comes to horse rugs is their purpose (stable or turnout), as well as their weight. Stable rugs are made of materials that absorb water and moisture, so we do not use them when we let the horse out of the stable. Essentially, a horse should have both - a stable and a turnout rug, and possibly a riding rug as well.

A winter rug for your horse - let's have a look at the weights:

The weight is used to illustrate the thickness of the filling of the stable and turnout rugs. It needs to be adjusted to the horse, taking into account its health, whether it is clipped or not, how it reacts to temperatures and rugging (we check if the horse sweats in the blanket – then it is too thick). If the rug is to be used in a paddock, we should think about the weather - higher temperatures with high humidity and strong wind can be a burden.


  • 0 g — a lightweight rug that is designed to help protect the horse from rain and wind in the paddock, and is also used in the stable for shaved horses when the temperature in the building is between 10-15 degrees.
  • 50-150 g — a lightweight rug for the beginning of the season when the temperature drops to around 5-10 degrees. Such extra protection is also recommendable for senior horses or those with weakened immune system.
  • 200-300 g — rugs of this weight are used when temperatures are around zero or slightly below zero. Blankets of over 200 g are generally considered to be winter models.
  • 400-500 g and more — those are used in case of severe frosts, especially in case of shaved horses.

Underblankets are a great convenience, since we can use them to increase the weight of a standard blanket. For shaved horses and horses with weakened immune system it is better to use a hooded blanket.


  1. Eskadron Under Rug 240g
  2. HKM Stable Rug Innovation with Fleece Collar
  3. Eskadron Pro Comfort Stable Rug 360g

Horse rugging is very complex. We need to remember that every horse is different and even though sometimes the blanket is necessary, other times the additional protection can do more harm than good. The choice should be made based on your observations and knowledge about your horse.

To rug or not to rug? That is the question. A winter rug for your horse is worth buying when preparing for the winter season. You can find a wide range of blankets in Equishop: rugs up to 200 g, rugs up to 500 g or more.

If you still have any questions we would be happy to help!

Equestrian store: +48 784 039 784


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