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Equestrian accessories that will make winter in the stable more bearable

Published: 2021-11-10 10:08:48 Categories: Guides Rss feed , Products Rss feed


Riding a horse and taking care of it in winter takes on a new dimension. The rider has to deal with low temperatures and the special needs of his animal. Fortunately, he is not alone: he can count on accessories that make it easier to function in winter weather. Check out our list of products that are useful in the stable especially in winter.

For true horse lovers the riding season lasts all year long! And even though the weather may not look pleasant, the animals need our care. Proper preparation for the winter will certainly make it easier to deal with low temperatures in the stable and to keep horses in good condition. What accessories are worth having on hand – both for the rider and the horse?

Winter riding essentials

When it comes to the rider, the most important thing is appropriate clothing. Every riding enthusiast tests different combinations and tricks to help them stay warm while being around horses. High-quality sportswear adapted to low temperatures is the key to success. Winter breeches are worth your attention. Made of windproof, moisture-wicking softshell material, which perfectly retains heat, while also providing unrestricted freedom of movement. Another obligatory piece of equipment is a warm riding vest, which warms the rider up and protects him against wind. Now, if we add thermo boots (beloved by riders!), riding gloves and long socks, we won't be afraid to go to the stable even in freezing weather. We should also remember to protect head and neck - you can buy a neckwarmer or a balaclava, and for those who prefer minimalism - ear warmers or a helmet liner.


  1. Samshield Winter Liner
  2. Busse Fargo-Winter Unisex Jodhpur Boots
  3. HKM Thermo Stable Boots Vancouver
  4. HKM Riding Glove Gentle Winter

Remember to take a thermos with warm tea with you to the stables. You can also take gloves and a change of clothes in case your socks or gloves get wet. Our recommendation for a winter outfit is Busse’s Tornio Winter Horse Riding Tights, which are made of softshell material that keeps you warm, and Pikeur Lucinda Softshell Breeches, as well as Kingsland Down Vest, which is perfect for winter days.


  1. Busse Tornio Women's Winter Horse Riding Tights
  2. Kingsland Classic Unisex Down Vest
  3. Pikeur Lucinda Grip Softshell Women's Full Grip Breeches

Winter must-haves for your horse

Let’s remember that in terms of taking care of a horse in winter, it is all about the little details - warming up the snaffle bit before putting it in the horse's mouth, making sure that a hot horse doesn't drink ice cold water. For us these are little things, but for the animal - activities which improve its comfort and even allow it to avoid becoming ill.


High quality brushes and combs should be among the winter stable essentials. Winter grooming can be tricky, especially during present muddy winters. Thicker saddle pads will not get soaked as quickly as normal ones. A fleece rug will come in handy to cover the horse after training so that it dries faster - the rug should be taken off as soon as it has served its purpose. It is also worth paying special attention to the hooves. Winter Hoof Gel will prevent the hooves from softening and will keep them in better condition.


If you are shaving horses systematically, you should consider buying your own clipper. That will certainly cut costs and allow the horse’s caretaker to shave his animal himself.

Reflective items for the rider and the horse – safety first!

In the autumn and winter it gets dark much faster and the visibility is significantly reduced. If you like to explore the neighbourhood on a horseback, take care of your own safety and that of your horse. In case of riding in groups, reflective items should be worn at least by the lead horse and its rider and the rearmost pair. In Equishop you can find reflective riding gear: vests, arm bands, as well as leg, rein and tail bands for horses. You can also order reflective riding blankets or helmet bands. Such items should be mandatory for riders in autumn and winter.


Even though the weather is not the most pleasant, a visit in the stable will certainly help you get through the dreary autumn and winter months, and the soft winter horse coat, although difficult to clean, is perfect for stroking and cuddling! With the right accessories and a positive attitude, we can survive even the toughest weather conditions.

There is still a chance to get hold of winter riding essentials! Visit Equishop and check out our wide range of products.

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