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Equiline Classic collection – for both you and your horse!

Published: 2022-03-04 09:10:26 Categories: Products Rss feed

Equiline kolekcja klasyczna koń i jeździec

Equiline is an Italian brand specializing in equestrian equipment and equestrian wear. Today we are going to take a closer look at the Equiline Classic collection, which is a permanently available in Equishop. Check out what you can find there!

Equiline is well known to Polish horse riders. The brand was created in 1989 by two brothers, Paolo and Renato Marchetto, who had previously been involved in supplying fashion brands. They decided to combine their work experience with passion. Their goal was to provide horse enthusiasts with innovative products - for example, they created the world's first saddle pad made of natural fibers and highly breathable lining, with excellent shock absorption (ACS System). The characteristic logo with three horses, often in the colors of the Italian flag, is recognizable to many riders. Let's take a closer look at the collection. What does it have to offer?

Equiline Classic collection for riders

Equiline bryczesy jeździeckie Willow Julik Ceriek

  1. Equiline Willow men's knee grip breeches
  2. Equiline Julik women's full grip breeches
  3. Equiline Ceriek women's full grip breeches

The first thing that catches the eye when we look at the Equiline Classic collection is the timeless elegance. The clothes are perfectly suited for competitions. White, black and navy blue dominate the color range. There are several models of women's and men's breeches to choose from, with full or short grip, both leather and silicone. As an example, women's breeches Equiline Julik with a full silicone grip. The breeches have a trimming at the bottom, to ensure a snug fit along the entire length. The silicone grip increases adhesion to the saddle. Additionally, the breeches are very breathable due to the elastic material.

Equiline's Classic collection also includes competition shirts and tailcoats (e.g. the women's Equiline Gait tailcoat and the men's Equiline Rack one), smart breeches belts and riding gloves, and even long riding socks and caps with a decorative logo. In this way, those who appreciate the brand can easily put together an elegant and extremely versatile outfit for riding competitions or regular trainings.

Equiline frak jeździecki Rack Gait

  1. Equiline Rack men's show jacket
  2. Equiline Gait women's show jacket

When choosing Equiline clothing, it is important to remember that the Italian sizes are different from the standard European sizes. In the Equishop store you will find information about the exact size next to each product.

Equiline Classic — horse equipment

Equiline kantar dla konia Terris Timmy

  1. Equiline Terris horse halter
  2. Equiline Timmy horse halter

However, Equiline is a much more than just comfortable, high-quality equestrian clothing. The brand also offers practical horse accessories which make it easier to take care of the well-being of your horses every day and during travels. Two halters from the classic collection deserve special attention: the fur-lined Equiline Terris halter and the Equiline Timmy halter, with soft lining on the nose and occipital area (the Equiline Gabe leading rope is available to complete the set).

Other practical accessories include the Equiline Rex travel boots, made of abrasion-resistant material with Velcro fastenings, and fleece bandages in various colors. Equiline Classic also includes a protective under rug and a cotton stable rug. The line of products that facilitate taking care of your horse on a daily basis and during competitions is rounded off by a stable curtain and a practical accessories bag that can be hung on the horse's stall.

Equiline also offers a number of great products that may come in handy during competitions - fly hats for horses (including noise-reducing ones), saddle pads with shock-absorbing systems (e.g. the Equiline Rio saddle pad decorated with glittery details) and sets - saddle pads with fly hats, available in several different colors.

Equiline kolekcja klasyczna czaprak Rio nauszniki Rio

  1. Equiline Rio horse saddle pad
  2. Equiline Rio horse fly hat

The founders of the Equiline brand emphasize that through their collections they would like to show the unique and distinctive lifestyle of horse-riding enthusiasts. They seem to have a great understanding of the riders' and their horses' needs and are able to respond to them, and by the way - they do it with style. They keep in mind the modernity, development and... a hint of glamour. Check out Equiline Classic Collection in Equishop and find something for yourself!

Remember that the Equishop Team is at your disposal and will happily answer your questions.

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