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Equiline riding clothing: for equestrian competitions and everyday riding

Published: 2021-09-28 12:33:57 Categories: Guides Rss feed , Products Rss feed

What do you need to know about the Equiline brand? When was it founded and what distinguishes it from other brands? Which equestrian products does it offer? Which horse riders are going to find something for themselves - advanced, beginners or perhaps everyone, regardless of their riding skills? Today we have taken a look at the secrets of the company's success. We present the distinctive Equiline products: breeches, tailcoats, shirts and accessories. You are more than welcome to take a look at it!

History, the idea and the logo

The history of the Equiline brand started with a saddle pad. But let's go back to the very beginning - the origin of the very idea. Let's go to the Italian province of Padua in the late 80s of the 20th century. It was there that two Marchetto brothers, huge horse enthusiasts, decided to set up a brand dedicated to designing and manufacturing equipment for horses and horse riders. Since they had been riding themselves for many years and even participated in competitions, they knew exactly what to do with the new products.


The memorable first saddle pad with the currently very popular Equiline logo - featuring three horse heads lined up in a row in the traditional colors of the Italian flag - was made of natural fibers and represented high quality that buyers could quickly associate with the new product line. In the following years, the Marchetto brothers did not lose their enthusiasm and thought more and more boldly about the projects, discussing the ideas with the greatest personalities of the equestrian world.

Equiline riding breeches - for competitions, but not only

Equiline breeches have become a particularly popular part of the equestrian apparel. The brand makes them for both beginners and advanced horse riders. Additionally, Equiline offers professional outfits for riders - well-known athletes who take part in international competitions. Regardless of the target group, the breeches offer a snug fit, flexibility for freedom of movement, a breathable material and the X-Grip technology for a better grip in the saddle.

Breeches recommended for professional riders are for instance the Equiline Cedar X-Grip models: women's and men's breeches. White is the most suitable color for official competitions. On the other hand, breeches for recreational riders include for example the Equiline Cecile with high waist, knee seat and a practical pocket. But that is not all! The aim of the Italian company is to create clothes which are not only useful, but also aesthetically pleasing, in line with current fashion trends. That is how for example the Equiline Calyk breeches were created in a... jeans style!


Equiline upper clothing: tailcoats, shirts, blouses

If you like Equiline clothing, you can put together a whole equestrian outfit based solely on their offer. Thanks to the comprehensive approach of Marchetto brothers, you can choose from elegant tailcoats and shirts for professional riders, breathable and comfortable t-shirts for riding lessons, and even hoodies for colder days or jackets for autumn and winter. Not only that! The Italian company targets even the youngest horse lovers, hence the unique Jonnyk children's riding tailcoat.

Equiline's smart tailcoats include the Gait, Rack, Russel, and Gioia lines. Some of them are further divided into variants, as for example Gait - available in a standard version and in the X-Cool Evo model, made of breathable, waterproof material. Those who appreciate the unique look will surely adore the Gioia tailcoat decorated with... sequins!


  1. Equiline Gait Women's Show Jacket
  2. Equiline Gertieg Women's Short Sleeve Competition Shirt

If you like an elegant look or are preparing for an informal riding competition - for example at your riding school - check out the shirts. Equiline competition shirts may be found in Polo FOX or VICTORIA lines. Whereas for the official competitions we recommend shirts from Equiline Catherine line - with short sleeves, or Equiline Gracielle - with long sleeves. For information about the suitability of a product, check its name and description on our website. What is interesting, you and your competitors can order clothing suggestions of the same brand and, thanks to the wide selection, you will look very different anyway.

Equiline riding apparel - clothing accessories

As we've already mentioned in the introduction, Equiline's product range also includes accessories for the rider's outfit. While beginners, who don't feel confident enough in the saddle yet, should wear a riding helmet, the professionals can replace the hard helmet with a breathable, comfortable and sun-shielding Equiline baseball cap during recreational riding. There are several types of belts designed for breeches: elastic and traditional, with a decorative metal buckle. We cannot forget about the elegant and well-fitting riding gloves made of waterproof material.


We kindly invite you to take a look at the Equiline's selection of products which you will find in our online store. You can check there information such as availability, price, size, color variants, product features, delivery. Add the products you are interested in to the basket and pursue your passion for horse riding with comfort and style! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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