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Eskadron/Pikeur - brand's history and collection overview

Published: 2019-03-27 11:01:46 Categories: Lifestyle Rss feed , Products Rss feed


Eskadron is one of the most popular brands on the market of equestrian accessories. This brand's products are of exceptional quality and used materials and their design always fits current trends of the equestrian fashion, or corresponds to the needs of particular riders and matches their taste. In Eskadron / Pikeur offer you can find products that combine the worlds of professional and recreational riders. Riders from all over the world value their products for their practicality, elegance, quality, innovativeness, and availability. It's a brand that every rider has come across at least once in their lives, but few people know their history and how big this brand really is, what are their values and what exactly their offer consists of. 

Bugatti's history

Currently, the owner of Eskadron is Bugatti Fashion, which is a part of Bugatti Holding Brinkmann GmbH & CO KG. Bugatti's history began in 1947. After WW2 ended, heavily injured Friedrich Wilhelm Brinkmann (born June 8, 1920) came back home, where he wanted to launch a production of tailored men's and women's clothing. This idea gave birth to Brinkmann Group. First serial collection of men's and women's clothing was presented on January 1st, 1947. Its production took place in Löhne near Herford in Germany. Not a whole year later, the brand produced their first collection of coats and pants. In 1950, Brinkmann Group consisted of 100 workers and that demanded greater production surface, which is why the brand moved to Bad Oeynhausen. In the next three years, the brand gained 160 new workers. In 1954 they moved once again and settled in newly built office by Hansastrasse in Herford. In 1956 the brand took over Roland store in Bremen, which up until today is one of the main store selling high-quality clothing in northern Germany. In the next couple of years, the brand was developing dynamically, trying to expand and thus in 1961, they created Brinkmann Lord Italia SRL in Pergine near Trento in Italy. The daughter company consisted of a workshop and store precisely for the Italian market. Development on this market turned out to be very rapid and soon Italian market became one of the most important export markets for Brinkmann Group. In 1975, Brinkmann Group took over Wilhelm Blicker, which was specialized in the production of men's coats and that was a proud producer of 1500 coats a day in 1933. In 1978, Bugatti was founded and the Blinkmann family took over the management in 1989. The relation between Bugatti and horse riding began in 1990 when they took over Pikeur that was producing equestrian clothing since 1957 and which merged with Eskadron producing equestrian accessories. In 2011, Brinkmann GmbH rebranded and changed their name to Bugatti GmbH. Currently, the company is managed by the children of Wolfgang Brinkmann's (Throsten and Mark) and Klaus Brinkmann (Julius and Lena). The brand's headquarters is in an innovative facility in Herford, Germany, where they have around 400 workers. The building of 1600 m2 is shaped like a boomerang and stands out with its innovative design. In Germany, the brand employs around 1000 people. Bugatti Fashion is a part of Bugatti Holding Brinkmann GmbH & CO KG. It is a subbranch that deals with general fashion and that currently owns Eskadron and Pikeur.

Siedziba firmy BugattiBugatti's headquarters in Herford, Germany. Photo source: 

At first, Eskadron was producing equestrian equipment only, such as saddle cloths, rugs, halters, boots, etc. and Pikeur was focusing on rider's products. Nowadays, this division is not so clear due to Eksadron's new collections that also consist of equestrian clothing. However, Pikeur's profile hasn't changed and in its offer, we will still find only equestrian clothing, such as breeches, jackets, shirts, etc. Both Pikeur and Eskadron offer seasonal collections (e.g. Classic Sports, New Generation) that are launched twice a year, once for fall-winter and once for spring-summer; special collections (e.g. Platinum Pure, Heritage, New Generation) that are launched once a year; and classic collection that consist of positions available all year long, but subject to certain changes, which are not cyclical and not so significant as in seasonal collections also known as limited collections. Each of these collections is designed for another group of riders and differ from the others with patterns and colors, as well as applied materials. It's important that from one collection, the rider would be able to compose a set of products that would serve his/her needs but also match in color and pattern. Products from one collection that fit into the same subtype (e.g. Glossy - that are made of shiny materials) allow you to put together a set of equipment that matches in color and style. For example, a saddle pad made of green Glossy material will match Glossy halter from the same collection.

Cyclical collections have transformed over the years. Their names, sometimes even their character have changed. Currently, there are seven collections available in Eskadron's offer and three main collections in Pikeur's offer. However, as we mentioned at the beginning of this article, the brand places importance on innovativeness and they carefully listen to the riders' needs, trying to always design their offer in such a way that it would match the market's demands, which is why the collections can change any minute. Despite this, every group of riders can expect that they will get products meeting their needs and expectations. For years, Eskadron has repeatedly proven that all changes they implement can only adjust their collections. That sure won't change in the near future and you can expect that this producer will always have something interesting to say and show every year.

Eskadron's collections

Eskadron Classic Sports

Classic Sports -
It's a seasonal collection that comes out twice a year (for fall-winter and spring-summer period). It consists of full equestrian equipment for the horse (e.g. saddle cloths, halters, bandages, rugs, fly hats, etc.) kept in neutral but varied colors matching the season. All products in this collection are of simple and classic patterns, also matching the name Classic Sports. We can easily use the phrase "sport elegance" to describe it. It's a proposition for riders looking for classic, but fashionable solutions that would match current trends.

Eskadron Classic Sports
1. Mesh Stripe Classic Sports sweat rug 2. Artwork Classic Sports fly hat 3. Cotton Classic Sports saddle pad 4. Classic Sports fleece bandages

Eskadron Platinum

- elegance and simplicity would best describe this collection's spirit. Dominant are black and grays matched with analogical colors that create a harmonious whole with delicate graphic motives such as flowers and intricately decorated fonts. These products have unique seams. This collection is launched once a year.

Eskadron Platinum1. Big Square Glossy Platinum saddle cloth 2. Jersey Platinum sweat rug 3. Artwork Platinum fly hood 4. Allround Faux Fur Platinum tendon boots

Eskadron Platinum Pure

Platinum Pure - it's somewhat an extension of the Platinum collection as its coloristic negative. Here, colors are limited to grays and whites. That makes it a perfect collection for dressage riders and those looking for neutral and "clean" solutions that won't distract from riding. Seams and patterns are in line with what we can see in the basic Platinum collection.

Eskadron Platinum Pure
1. Platinum Pure fleece bandages 2. Glossy Big Square Platinum Pure saddle cloth 3. Glossy Platinum Pure headcollar 4. Mesh Glitter Fauxfur Platinum Pure tendon boots

Eskadron Young Star

Young Star
- Young Star collection is dedicated to the youngest riders. It's an extension of previous NICI collection. This line is characterized by vivid colors and interesting patterns that would fit the tastes of the younger and the little older ones. A new addition to this collection in regard to NICI is that it has products that are close to equestrianism, such as dog rugs, leashes, bags with straps, scarfs, etc. This collection comes out once a year.

Eskadron Young Star
1. Artwork Young Star fly hood 2. Boots Fauxfur Young Star 3. Print Young Star sweat rug 4. Young Star bandages

Eskadron Heritage

- products from Heritage line allude in style to the brand's roots. It's in neutral colors and is decorated with beautifully calligraphed fonts with majestic patterns, which refers to the beginning of the popularity of recreational and sport horse riding when aesthetics became more important. Black, dark green, purple, and reddish are dominant here. This collection is launched once a year.

Eskadron Heritage
1. Dralon Heritage sweat rug 2. Heritage fleece bandages 3. Faux Fur Heritage saddle cloth 4. Faux Fur Heritage boots

Eskadron Equestrian Fanatics
Equestrian Fanatics - it's a new line of Eskadron's clothing designed for riders only. Young and lively riders that want to declare their love for horse riding in how they casually dress will love this collection. A perfect summary of this collection's spirit is one of the T-Shirt's slogan from 2018. Ride, Eat, Sleep, Repeat. The colors are vivid and cuts are casual. This collection consists of jackets, caps, shirts, vests, but also gadgets such as phone cases and bags. 

Eskadron Equestrian Fanatics
1. Hinz men's hoodie 2. Smartphone belt 3. Joko men's jacket 4. Eskadron backpack

Eskadron Classic (Basic)

Classic offer
- contains items that are always in production, which are not subject to regular seasonal changes. Here I find products such as saddle cloths, boots, rugs, halters, but also things useful in my stable, care products, even snacks. Classic offer is subject to some updates, some products are being recalled and replaced with new ones. However, there is no regular launch cycle.

Eskadron Classic
1. Silver Cord cotton saddle pad 2. Pro Comfort 360G stable rug 3. Pro Cool protector cooling insert 4. Anti-Slip gel pad

Pikeur's collections

Seasonal collection
- launched twice a year (for fall-winter and spring-summer season). In this offer you will find everything from typical sportswear, to show clothing, to junior clothes (Young Star), but also subcollection Prime that is simple and elegant, something between sport and show clothing.

Pikeur Summer 2019
1. Women's T-Shirt Wanda 2. Cotton cup Lurex unisex 3. Women's show jacket Paulin 4. Socks with sequin Pikeur logo

Pikeur New Generation

New Generation
-  it's mostly an equivalent of Eskadron's Equestrian Fanatics with more focus on the sport part of horse riding. Here, you will find both casual clothes in rather neutral colors and patterns than Equestrian Fanatics. This offer also has breeches and products for shows such as show shirts and jackets.

Pikeur New Generation
1. Hayet NG women's hoodie 2. Women's T-Shirt Hope NG 3. Women's functional polo shirt Henna NG 4. Women's sweat jacket Hollie

Pikeur Classic (Basic)

Classic Collection
- it is a constant offer from Pikeur that consists of products kept in classic cuts. You will find in this offer pieces of clothing for everyday riding (training) and very elegant pieces for shows and competitions.
Pikeur Classic
1. Women's breeches Latina Grip 2. Women's pull-on breeches Gia Grip Athleisure 3. Karo knee socks 4. Women's full seat breeches Fayenne Jeans 5. Girls' full seat breeches Kalotta Grip Jeans

Eskadron and Pikeur are brands that you cannot overlook. Their rich history and experience help them create extraordinary products that are used by riders all around the world. You will see their products during everyday training on the paddocks, but also see them on Olympic Champions. Due to their vast offer, you can be sure you will find something suitable for you and your horse.

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