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Rugs & blankets for horses

Published: 2017-10-23 15:54:11 Categories: Products Rss feed

Derka dla konia

Unfortunately the summer has gone by and it took along the cheerful days spent in the stables and paddocks with your horses that now you have to protect against cold. Horses have been preparing for autumn and winter for some time now. Right after summer solstice they started growing winter coat. So when you were still running around in shorts, your horses had already started preparing for winter. But now, any day, they will lose the most hair. Which is why your accessory bag should be equipped with a solid currycomb. Many owners decide to shave their horses to save some trouble with brushing. This practice is usually applied to sport horses, with whom the process of drying their coats after trainings might take up as much as 50 minutes. Shaved horses dry much faster. However, if you do decide to shave your horse, you are bound to use rugs.

Rugs & Blankets for horses in Equishop

There are many rugs. And we're not even talking about their colours. Speaking about rugs, you should take into consideration its thickness, place of its usage, namely you can choose between outdoor (paddock) rugs or stable ones. Both types can be differentiated by the thickness of their padding. We have light rugs with 150-200 gram padding. They should be used when you're starting to rug your horse, recommended when the temperature is around 10 Celsius degrees. When it becomes lower, you should use a 300 g rug, in such rug horse might stay in temperature around 0 Celsius degrees. When the temperature is below zero, it's recommended to have a thicker rug of 450-500 gram, or an under rug of 250 g that should be worn with a 200 g rug.

Derki padokowe

1. Rug Eskadron RipStop Light 2. Stable rug Eskadron 300g 3. Outdoor rug Eskadron 1680 DEN OMEGA

It's also worth to consider buying an outdoor/paddock rug with a neck part. Such rugs embrace your horse tightly and slower the winter coat growth.

You don't let your horse out while he's wearing a stable rug. The reason is very simple - stable rugs are made of water-permeable materials and if your horse happens to go out in the rain the rug would be like a wet towel, which will make him more prone to catch a cold and more serious diseases in consequence. This is why it's good to have an outdoor rug of proper thickness. Outdoor rugs usually have their outer layer made of ripstop material, namely one that is waterproof. Both rugs are fastened on the belly, chest and under the tail. Such fastening system should prevent the rug from shifting.

Speaking about rugs and the upcoming autumn-winter season, it's good to remember about sweat rugs made of fleece or jersey. You should put such rugs on the horse right after training to dry the horse of sweat. When dealing with a shaven horse, you should also put such rug on the horse for the warm-up. It's important to never leave your horse in a wet fleece rug in the stable. After finished training when you're coming back to the stable you should quickly change the rug for a stable one.

Derki polarowe

1. Fleece rug Eskadron Bicolor Classic Sports 2. Sweat rug Eskadron Stretch Mesh 3. Rug Eskadron Pro Cover

In EQUISHOP you will always find a wide range of rugs of various thicknesses and uses. We invite you to see the whole offer of rugs.

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