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Horse riding accessories for kids — horse riding lessons, and what to buy?

Published: 2021-06-18 11:30:47 Categories: Guides Rss feed , Products Rss feed


Enrolling your child in horseback riding lessons can be an amazing adventure and even the beginning of a lifelong passion for the little one. Which horse riding accessories to buy for kids?

Horse riding comes with a number of benefits. Physical activity, interacting with animals, meeting people with similar interests - all these things positively influence children, and horseback riding lessons are often the most anticipated moments of the week, when the kids finally get to visit the stable, see their friends and their favorite horses. Many parents and caregivers wonder what to buy for their child when they start their equestrian adventure - especially if they are not experienced equestrians themselves. Below we suggest what is necessary and which accessories can be bought additionally, for example as a nice birthday surprise.


1. Safety equestrian equipment

Equipment that ensures safety of the young rider is an absolute must - it should be bought in the first place. Most important is the riding helmet, which should fit snugly, but not too tight, on the child's head. It also needs to have a fastener under the chin. Some models are adjustable in circumference, which is an advantage when it comes to buying equipment for children. Although riding schools typically allow you to borrow a helmet, having your own will ensure that it is not defective, provides adequate ventilation and fits properly.

Another crucial piece of equestrian gear is a riding vest, which protects the spine in case of a fall and reduces the risk of injury. While abroad it is a common piece of riding equipment, it is still rather unpopular in Poland. Such additional protection is advisable. A well-fitted vest ensures freedom of movement and may prove invaluable in a dangerous situation. Choose only vests with certificates.


1. Dainese women's safety vest Alter-Real
2. HKM kids' safety vest 007 NEW
3. Uvex Exxential II riding helmet black XXS - S
4. Uvex Exxential II riding helmet navy XXS - S

2. Equestrian equipment for a regular rider

If your child wants to regularly participate in riding lessons, other items will come in handy. Children's breeches are essential, as they ensure a comfortable seat, prevent abrasions and do not restrict movement. Consider models with a full seat, which provides a better grip to the saddle.

Horse riding boots for children are also a practical choice. Although it may seem that footwear is not important and regular sport shoes are sufficient, the right footwear plays an important role - including safety reasons. The boot should allow the foot to rest steadily on the stirrup and be narrow enough to slip out of the stirrup if necessary. Buying riding boots will be a very practical purchase. The time spent in the stable, on paddocks and training arenas, in various weather conditions, causes the boots to get dirty very quickly – fortunately, they are easy to clean.

Children should also use riding chaps, i.e. leg protectors. These elements significantly increase the comfort of the ride and prevent abrasions caused by the saddle. They are a cheaper (and for many more comfortable) alternative to riding boots and can be worn with short riding shoes (i.e. jodhpur boots). Many young riders wear long equestrian socks instead of chaps. A pair of riding gloves is another valuable form of protection; they protect the hands from abrasions and make it easier to get a firm grip on the reins.


1. HKM girls' riding breeches My First HKM
2. Kingsland Ken boys' knee grip breeches
3. ELT Allrounder kids' riding gloves
4. Horze Kilkenny kids' jodhpur PU leather boots

3. Horse riding products perfect as a gift for the child

Jeździectwo wymaga znacznej ilości sprzętu. I choć większość akcesoriów znajduje się na wyposażeniu szkółek i ośrodków jeździeckich, wiele dzieci, które jeżdżą konno, chce mieć na własność niektóre z tych przedmiotów. Nie są to obowiązkowe sprzęty młodego jeźdźca, ale z pewnością sprawią wiele radości. Najpopularniejsze wybory to zestawy szczotek, szampony do kąpieli konia, czapraki i kantary. Pamiętajmy jednak, że przed używaniem tych przedmiotów podczas jazdy lub pielęgnacji koni z ośrodka jeździeckiego dziecko powinno zapytać trenera o zgodę.

Horseback riding requires a substantial amount of equipment. While most accessories can be found in riding schools and equestrian centers, many children who ride wish to own some of these items. These are not mandatory pieces of equipment for a young rider, but they sure bring a lot of joy. The most popular choices are grooming sets, horse bath shampoos, saddle pads and halters. However, keep in mind that before you use any of these on horses from your equestrian center, you must ask the instructor for permission.


1. Horze wooden grooming set
2. Horze sweet grooming set
3. Kingsland Classic kids' equine hoodie

Is your child beginning his or her horse riding adventure? Have a look at our wide range of equestrian products for young riders: riding breeches, equestrian boots and horse care products.

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