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In the stable – boredom toys for horses

Published: 2021-06-02 08:52:58 Categories: Guides Rss feed , Products Rss feed


Boredom in horses - a problem that we hear about more and more often. When does a horse get bored and how to prevent it? What kind of toys to choose in order to diversify the long time it spends in the stall?

More and more horse owners and riders are becoming aware of the dangers of boredom in their horses. It can cause inappropriate behavior, destruction of fences and stalls, and even addictions, so it is not only inconvenient, but even harmful for the horse.

Wild animals always have something to do - they search for water or food, protect the herd from predators and travel long distances. Horses kept by humans spend too much time in their stalls and small paddocks, and sometimes they have no contact with other representatives of their species. It is not good for them, thus it is worth making sure that such state is only temporary. The moment in which our horse may feel particularly bored is the recovery after an injury, when it is necessary to reduce the animal's movement to a minimum. Then, being locked in a stall for a long time would frustrate even the most patient horse. How to reduce this boredom?


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Boredom-busting toys for horses

If your horse’s contact with other horses is limited, or the horse doesn’t have much room, it may become bored. In such situations variety is what will keep the animal interested and reduce its stress level. You can try out:

  • hay nets - they encourage the horse to eat in a more natural way, i.e. taking small bites of food and plucking the stalks. It also takes much longer to eat in this way and prevents obesity. Remember to hang the hay net relatively low - the horse should eat with its head down.
  • treat balls - they encourage the horse to nudge them with its mouth, move them around and push them away. Simply hang the ball in the stall. Some producers offer flavored balls, which are even more attractive for horses. If your animal has contact with such a toy for the first time, check if it is not afraid of it. The ball may come in handy when working from the ground or playing in the paddock as well.
  • treat dispenser or licking stone LIKIT - horses tend to be real gourmands! Toys that involve food are among their favorites. The treat dispenser is shaped like a ball that the horse has to move to get to the treats, and the LIKIT lick (available in different flavors) swings when the horse wants to taste it.
  • home made toys – you can do some DIY, trying your own ideas and using things your horse likes. The easiest way to do it is to hang a large stuffed toy in the stall or prepare a string with chunks of fruits and vegetables.


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The best way to cope with boredom is, of course, our presence. We can spend time deepening our bond with the horse by grooming it or learning simple tricks, working from the ground or habituation, if there is such a possibility. Sometimes it's good to just laze around together!

Striving for perfection

We need to make sure that a long period spent in a stall or in small paddocks is not an everyday reality for our beloved animal. There is only one effective way to deal with boredom - the company of a herd and large pastures available regardless of the weather, that is environment close to natural. Horses which are rarely kept locked in their stalls and have contact with other representatives of their species are relaxed, curious about the world, eager to work, and also hardened.

It is worth finding such a place for your horse – even if it affects the way you commute to the stable or prolongs grooming of your mud-covered horse. Boredom will no longer be a problem and toys will be used during ground play or as amusement that is available to the horse e.g. near the shed.


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