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Jumping or Dressage Saddle? - top 6 best saddle models for horse riding

Published: 2021-06-14 11:43:16 Categories: Products Rss feed


Saddle is one of the most important and vital parts of every horse rider’s tack. Choosing the right saddle though can be a hard nut to crack. For all those riders still unsure which saddle to choose, we prepared a ranking list of Prestige Italy saddles based on their popularity among our clients and ambassadors.

1. Jumping saddle Renaissance F

The first and most popular saddle is the Renaissance F; a jumping saddle made of calf leather. It contains a flat seat, short girth straps as well as small front and back block. The French leather has been dyed brown using natural methods and oiled twice. This saddle is recommended for competitive riders, perfect for everyday training and competitions. This saddle is used, among many, by our ambassador Magdalena Prasek.

siodlo_skokowe_Renaissance F

2. Jumping saddle Prestige Italia X-perience

The second most recommended saddle is the jumping saddle X-Perience. The innovative technology X-Tree used in this saddle allows for unrestricted horse movement in the area of shoulders. It is achieved by double membrane that lessens the pressure put on the tailbone and distributes the weight of a rider equally onto the whole back of a horse. This saddle is especially recommended for professional riders and it’s ideal for competition.


3. Jumping saddle Prestige Italia Meredith

The third saddle on our list is the Meredith model. It’s a jumping saddle consisting of X-Tree technology and made of calf leather. The saddle has a very soft seat, which allows for closer contact with a horse and full comfort for a rider. It has also been equipped with elastic membrane and padding made of shock-absorbing material. Additionally, the padding of the panels has been swapped for a synthetic type, which ensures a slimmer shape. This saddle is recommended for professional riders as well as lower-level or recreational riders.
This saddle model has been chosen by our ambassador Marek Lewicki.


4. Jumping saddle Prestige Italia Versailles

The fourth saddle worth recommending is the jumping saddle Versailles. This model has a very elegant look and ensures the best and most comfortable seat while riding. It contains slim panels and an elastic saddle tree. This saddle is ideal for horses with standard or small withers. However, it can be adapted to horses with high withers as well.
This model is especially recommended for recreational riders but will also work for professional riders and for competitions.


5. Jumping saddle Prestige Italia Passion jump

The fifth on our list is the jumping saddle Passion jump, made of impregnated and non-slip leather. The saddle has a very soft, comfortable and flat seat that allows for closer contact with a horse. It is very elegant and looks marvelous in a competition arena. Thanks to the Active Tree system, that is an active saddle tree, the saddle follows the natural movements of a horse.
This saddle is perfect for lower-level riders.

siodla_Passion jump_equishop

6. Jumping saddle Prestige Italia Michel Robert

Finally on our list is the jumping saddle Michel Robert. This model ensures full freedom of a horse’s movements thanks to its anatomical shape. It contains elastic membranes and it’s also very soft. Additionally, the saddle has been equipped with X-Technology, its saddle tree has been narrowed down and the weight of saddle flaps has been reduced. All those features prevent restriction of horse’s back muscle movements.
This saddle is recommended for professional riders and for competitions.


Besides the saddles mentioned above, honorable mention goes to dressage saddle Passion K (Dressage Dream), X-Optimax K and Happy Pony.

All the saddles are available in a few different sizes, gullet widths and types of leather.

In Equishop we offer a professional saddle fitting with the help of a Saddle Fitter and an option to test the saddle before purchase.
If you are interested in testing a chosen saddle model, contact Prestige Italy customer service office by dialing the number: 606-914-300


Interested clients can rent out testing saddles for a weekend. In this case, the saddle is shipped on Fridays. It is also possible to pick up the saddle in person and return it on Monday. Testing models can be taken for testing after paying a deposit. After setting on one model, the saddle is shipped to the client or if Saddle fitter's services are needed, they will choose the right size before shipment.

Are you ready to test a saddle? Dial: 606-914-300

Are you looking for a saddle? Check out our offer of Prestige Italy saddles: dressage saddles, jumping saddles and all-purpose saddles.

Do you have any questions? Give us a call or leave a message.

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