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Magic Brush - a charming newcomer in Equishop!

Published: 2021-09-23 14:42:49 Categories: Products Rss feed


If you like practical horse care products, the Magic Brush brand will certainly have a place in your heart. Their products are reliable, pretty and... finally available at Equishop!

Horse grooming can be time-consuming - especially during the autumn/winter season, which is getting closer. In the never-ending battle with mud, dust and other dirt, it is worth to have good allies - so good that they deserve a magical name. Magic Brush is a new brand of grooming accessories that stands out for its design, vibrant colors and is appreciated by riders in many countries - thanks to its effectiveness.

Magic Brush brushes for horses

The colorful Magic Brush brushes, which come in sets of 3 (or individually for the soft version), have been designed to make horse grooming quicker and more efficient. Thanks to its plain design and the use of plastic, the brush is very light and compact. On the one hand, it has dense bristles, which are excellent for removing dirt from the coat and for massaging the horse's skin. On the other hand, Magic Brushes have been shaped in such a way that you can use them to collect water, mud or sweat out of your horse's hair. It's a handy, easy-to-clean gadget - according to the manufacturer, the brushes can be washed in a washing machine. However, dust and hair are easily removed by hitting the brush against a wall or hard surface and occasionally washing it in warm, soapy water.


  1. Magic Brush Classic Body Brush for Horses 3 pcs.
  2. Magic Brush Starlight Body Brush for Horses 3 pcs.
  3. Magic Brush Water Lily Body Brush for Horses 3 pcs.

In Equishop, apart from the most recognizable set of brushes Magic Brush, there are also wooden brushes with long bristles, which are used for cleaning and shining. Another products are a shine brush and a hoeing tool from the Magic Brush Water Lily line, which are made of 60% recycled materials.

Horse grooming products by Magic Brush

The Magic Brush brand is more than just brushes that have rapidly gained in popularity. It is also horse care products - mane and tail sprays that make brushing easier, as well as silicone-free, fruit-scented horse shampoos. Children will surely be thrilled if we use Magic Brush Starlight shampoo with glitter particles to bathe the horse, which will add some shine to its coat!


  1. Magic Brush Water Lily Horse Shining Body Brush
  2. Magic Brush Horse Curry Comb

The Magic Brush line would not be complete without hoof care products. From now on, when shopping at Equishop, you can add hoof balm to your shopping basket, which will strengthen and increase the hoof's resistance, and at the same time ensure a beautiful look. Hoof grease or oil may serve as an alternative - both products contain natural ingredients, vitamins and minerals.


  1. Magic Brush Wash & Shine Horse Shampoo 500ml
  2. Magic Brush Mane Care Fruit Explosion Horse Spray
  3. Magic Brush Starlight Horse Shampoo 200ml
  4. Magic Brush Water Lily Horse Hoofpick

The Magic Brush products appeal to equestrians - they are perfect for the baths in the heat of summer, ideal for daily grooming and preparing for important events, and during coat changes they do a great job at removing loose hair. Horses, on the other hand, will appreciate a nice massage with the brush before and after a ride. Magic!

The new producer Magic Brush is now available in the Equishop equestrian store. Make sure to check out our broad selection of horse brushes and horse shampoos.

Do not hesitate to contact us in case you need any assistance.

Equishop equestrian store: +48 784 039 784


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