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Magnetotherapy for horses. Magnetic rugs, magnetic boots

Published: 2020-12-02 18:41:27 Categories: Horse health Rss feed , Products Rss feed


Reports concerning positive influence of magnetic field for people reach as far as antic era. They positively influenced on both healing process as on maintaining good health. A thousand years later, a man named Parcelsus reported about magnet's healing properties. He treated for example hernias, breaks, and sinuses with it. His successor was Mesmer, who was also successful in treating with the use of magnetic field. Nowadays, both horses and people experience lack of activity. They spend most of their times in stalls, leaving only for training. Injuries are often effects of that.


Cells activity

Normal voltage on the cell membrane plays a specific role in maintaining a cell, influencing ion exchange through its membrane. Changes in ion microenvironment caused by electrostimulation such as the one caused by magnetic field might influence the cell and change its use of energy. The exact influence of magnets has not yet been scientifically presented in the case of soft tissues, however a faster healing process has been observed.

Pain relief

Relieving pain through transdermal neural stimulation was proved also by research conducted by Melzack and Wall (1965). If fibers are located in the treated area, the level of felt pain might be significantly lowered. Relieving pain and increasing blood circulation boost natural healing. Research shows that magnetic field has positive influence on healing wounds, lessening swelling after injury, improving the functioning of the inflamed joints. Remember to stick strictly to the instructions. You should follow them step by step. One of the brands that has launched product specialized in magnetic therapy is Veredus. For that purpose, Veredus created special Magnetik Line. Hoof boots, magnetic stable protectors and magnetic rugs are available on the market.


Veredus magnetic stable protectors from Magnetik Line from Veredus belong to two categories - Magnetic and Veredus Magnetik 4 hours. The first ones are equipped with 28 neodymium magnets for a pair that generate magnetic field strength of 2400 gausses each. Those protectors are recommended for all types and breeds of horses for legs regeneration after standard trainings. The Veredus 4 hours version was designed for intensive therapy. They have 40 neodymium magnets for a pair, where each generates magnetic field strength of 2400 gausses. The name of this version is taken from the minimal time of a single therapeutic session. The protector should be used at least for 4 hours during one session in order to gain maximal therapeutic benefits.


1. Magnetik Stable Boot 2. Magnetik 4 Hours

  • Coronet joint boots (Veredus Magnetik Hoof) have 10 neodymium magnets for a pair that generate magnetic field strength of 2400 gausses, and which are located accordingly to the heel, coronet and fetlock anatomical build.


  • Hock boots (Veredus Magnetik Hock) are equipped with 16 neodymium magnets for a pair that generate magnetic field strength of 2400 gausses.


Magnetik Wraps

  • Veredus Magnetik Rug has 32 neodymium magnets generating magnetic field strength of 2400 gausses each.Regular usage of products from Veredus Magnetik series allows to precipitate tissue regeneration after physical effort, lessening swelling and pain, and is completely harmless for the horse.


Sources: "Urazy u koni, ich leczenie i rehabilitacja" Mary Bromiley SIMA WLW Warszawa